• European Union Governments Approve Brexit Trade Deal
    2020-12-30 19:21:45 UTC

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union governments approved on Tuesday a trade deal regulating relations between the 27-nation bloc and Britain, paving the way for its provisional application from Jan 1, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. The deal, which preserves Britain’s zero-tariff and zero-quota access to the EU’s single mar...
  • EU: Doctors, Nurses, Elderly Rolled Up Their Sleeves to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
    2020-12-27 21:41:01 UTC

    ROME (AP) — Doctors, nurses and the elderly rolled up their sleeves across the European Union to receive the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine Sunday in a symbolic show of unity and moment of hope for a continent confronting its worst health care crisis in a century. Weeks after the U.S., Canada and Britain began inoculations ...
  • Studies: Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin Could Prevent and Treat COVID-19
    2020-12-28 19:25:25 UTC

    Should you have your vitamin D levels checked? Is taking a supplement enough to protect yourself, or at least to lower your chance of getting COVID-19? Studies reveals nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels. Based on studies, it’s reasonable for children and adults to take an ad...
  • Deal Reached on EU-UK Trade Relationship
    2020-12-26 20:54:26 UTC

    BRUSSELS (AP) — Just a week before the deadline, Britain and the European Union struck a tentative free-trade deal Thursday that should avert economic chaos on New Year’s and bring a measure of certainty for businesses after years of Brexit turmoil. The deal, reached after nine tough months of negotiations, would ensure Britain and...
  • UK Travelers Prohibited From Entry to EU Countries
    2020-12-21 21:01:06 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s European neighbours began closing their doors to travellers from the United Kingdom on Sunday amid alarm about a rapidly spreading strain of coronavirus that has caused cases to soar there. France said it would bar all people coming from the United Kingdom for 48 hours from Sunday night, including freigh...
  • A New Social Media Platform With Incredible Features
    2021-01-10 19:02:05 UTC

    <p><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>Glogat is a free social media platform</strong></a> that not only offers a way to stay connected globally, but also provides a number of useful features, such as blogging, video calls, livestreaming and sections to create news, videos and business ...
  • Extended EU, UK Talks Leave a Post-Brexit Deal in Limbo
    2020-12-18 02:33:14 UTC

    LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain and the European Union struck a pessimistic tone in trade talks on Thursday, with a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying it was “very likely” there would be no agreement unless the bloc changed its position “substantially”. Just over two weeks before Britain finally leaves the bloc’s...
  • Brexit: Facebook to Move UK's User Data to California
    2020-12-16 06:47:29 UTC

    <p>SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc will shift all its users in the United Kingdom into user agreements with the corporate headquarters in California, moving them out of their current relationship with Facebook&rsquo;s Irish unit and out of reach of Europe&rsquo;s privacy laws.</p><p>The change takes effect next year and follows ...
  • First Shot: UK Starts COVID-19 Vaccination
    2020-12-08 07:22:51 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — U.K. health authorities began rolling out the first doses of a widely tested and independently reviewed COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, starting a global immunization program that is expected to gain momentum as more serums win approval. The first shot came early in the morning at one of a network of hospital hubs around ...
  • Irish PM Says Chances of a Brexit- Deal at 50-50
    2020-12-07 16:04:37 UTC

    BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - British and European Union negotiators made a last-ditch effort on Monday to bridge stubborn differences standing in the way of a post-Brexit trade deal, but they had at best 48 hours left to avoid a disorderly parting of ways at the end of this month. “EU-UK negotiations have entered the endgame, time is...
  • Will Five-Year Brexit Divorce End Messily?
    2020-12-06 06:45:34 UTC

    <p>LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen instructed their negotiators to resume trade talks on Sunday in a last ditch attempt to bridge significant differences.</p><p>The decision to revive the long-running talks after they stalled on Friday over three of...
  • Scientists Discover How a Protein Sequence Folds Up Into Three Dimensions
    2020-12-01 03:18:45 UTC

    One of biology's biggest mysteries has been solved using artificial intelligence, experts have announced. Predicting how a protein folds into a unique three-dimensional shape has puzzled scientists for half a century. London-based AI lab, DeepMind, has largely cracked the problem, say the organisers of a scientific challenge. ...
  • Debate Over The Crown's Portrayal of Princess Diana’s Eating Disorder
    2020-11-28 21:03:32 UTC

    “There’s a fine line between showing what it’s like, and also potentially crossing over into triggering territory,” says one eating disorder expert of the series’ depiction of Princess Diana’s illness There’s a scene early on in the fourth season of The Crown, shortly after the 19-year-old, soon-to-be princess Diana (played by Emma ...
  • Britain Set to Deliver COVID-19 Vaccine Next Week
    2020-11-28 18:23:42 UTC

    (Reuters) - Britain is set to approve the COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech SE and Pfizer Inc next week and deliveries would begin within hours of the authorisation, the Financial Times reported on Saturday. The first immunisations using the BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine could take place from Dec. 7, the FT said, citing unnamed s...
  • Von der Leyen: EU Is Ready For a No-Deal Brexit If Necessary
    2020-11-28 00:44:04 UTC

    BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union and Britain said on Friday there were still substantial differences over a Brexit trade deal as the EU chief negotiator prepared to travel to London in a last-ditch attempt to avoid a tumultuous finale to the five-year Brexit crisis. With just five weeks left until the United Kingdom fi...
  • Europe Is Moving Quickly to Roll COVID-19 Vaccine Out
    2020-11-25 16:02:23 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — With major COVID-19 vaccines showing high levels of protection, British officials are cautiously — and they stress cautiously — optimistic that life may start returning to normal by early April. Even before regulators have approved a single vaccine, the U.K. and countries across Europe are moving quickly to organize th...
  • New Poll: Majority of Scots Want Independence From UK
    2020-08-13 07:05:31 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - A majority of Scots support independence from the United Kingdom, a YouGov poll found on Wednesday, with support for nationalists bolstered by a much more positive view of how they have responded to COVID-19 compared with London. The poll for the Times newspaper found that 53% of people would vote for Scottish ind...
  • UK Death Toll Edges Close to 50,000: Boris Johnson Says "Maybe There Were Things We Could Have Done Differently"
    2020-07-25 00:23:45 UTC

    <p>LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been criticised for acting too slowly in the COVID-19 pandemic, said on Friday there may have been things he could have done differently.&nbsp;</p><p>He has pledged to hold an inquiry into his handling of the coronavirus crisis but not yet.&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;Maybe the...
  • UK Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Results
    2020-07-20 19:18:54 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — Scientists at Oxford University say their experimental coronavirus vaccine has been shown in an early trial to prompt a protective immune response in hundreds of people who got the shot. British researchers first began testing the vaccine in April in about 1,000 people, half of whom got the experimental vaccine. Such e...
  • WHO Warns "No Return to Normal, It’s Going to Get Worse and Worse and Worse”
    2020-07-13 21:48:19 UTC

    MIAMI (AP) — The resurgence of the coronavirus in the United States ignited fierce debate Monday about whether to reopen schools, as global health officials warned that the pandemic will intensify unless more countries adopt comprehensive plans to combat it. “If the basics aren’t followed, there is only one way this pandemic is goin...
  • Black Lives Matter - The Moment to Change the World Is Right Now
    2020-06-09 00:56:29 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — Just like coronavirus, racism pays no attention to borders. Across the world, people representing a broad spectrum of society have marched as one to protest racial injustice and police brutality at home and abroad. Despite the risks posed by possibly the biggest public health hazard in a century, they still put th...
  • Australian Surfer Attacked and Killed by a 10-Foot Great White Shark
    2020-06-07 16:58:16 UTC

    SYDNEY (AP) — A 60-year-old surfer was attacked and killed by a 3-meter (10-foot) great white shark off the coast of northern New South Wales state on Sunday, officials said. The man received a bite to the back of his thigh and was brought to the shore by other surfers who had fought off the shark, a surf rescue group, Surf Life Sa...
  • UK Government Puts Elderly and Vulnerable Carers at Risk
    2020-05-05 21:09:03 UTC

    On a doorstep in the suburbs of north London, three-year-old Ayse picked up a tissue to wipe away her grandmother’s tears - tears for one more victim of the virus. The little girl was waiting for her mum, Sonya Kaygan. Her grandmother hadn’t broken the news that Kaygan, 26, who worked at a nearby care home, was dead, one of over 100 fr...
  • UK Coronavirus Death Toll Is the Second-Highest Worldwide Behind U.S.
    2020-05-05 19:11:55 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has overtaken Italy to report the highest official death toll from coronavirus in Europe with more than 32,000 deaths, figures released on Tuesday showed. The high death toll could increase political pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who waited longer than other European leaders to order a lockdow...
  • US-UK Trade Talks at Risk With No-Deal Brexit
    2020-05-05 01:13:57 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. business lobby on Monday urged Britain to conclude a bilateral trade deal with the European Union as quickly as possible to remove uncertainty that is limiting investment flows and could pose risks to its trade talks with the United States. The Chamber of Commerce, in a series of recommendations ...