• EU: 150,000 Russian Troops Amass Near Ukraine’s Borders
    2021-04-19 19:20:40 UTC

    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union’s foreign policy chief has estimated that more than 150,000 Russian troops have already amassed for the biggest military buildup ever near Ukraine’s borders and that it will only take “a spark” to set off a confrontation. Josep Borrell also said Monday that the condition of imprisoned Russian oppo...
  • A Few of English, Spanish, Italian Clubs Dramatically Split European Football
    2021-04-19 06:13:56 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — A group of 12 elite English, Spanish and Italian clubs dramatically split European soccer on Sunday by announcing the formation of a largely-closed Super League. They are leaving the existing UEFA-run Champions League structure despite warnings they could be kicked out of their domestic competitions and face legal action....
  • Harry and William Won’t Walk Side-By-Side As They Follow Their Grandfather’s Coffin Into Church
    2021-04-15 17:12:06 UTC

    <p>LONDON (AP) &mdash; Prince William and Prince Harry won&rsquo;t walk side-by-side Saturday as they follow their grandfather&rsquo;s coffin into the church ahead of Prince Philip&rsquo;s funeral, minimizing the chances of any awkward moments between the brothers who are grappling with strained relations since Harry&rsquo;s decision t...
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dies at 99
    2021-04-09 16:12:19 UTC

    <p>LONDON (AP) &mdash; Prince Philip, the irascible and tough-minded husband of Queen Elizabeth II who spent more than seven decades supporting his wife in a role that both defined and constricted his life, has died, Buckingham Palace said Friday. He was 99.</p><p>His life spanned nearly a century of European history, starting with his...
  • Putin Tightens Grip on Power as Russia's Leader
    2021-04-05 22:28:08 UTC

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law allowing him to potentially hold onto power until 2036, a move that formalizes constitutional changes endorsed in a vote last year. The July 1 constitutional vote included a provision that reset Putin’s previous term limits, allowing him to run for president two m...
  • US Study: AstraZeneca 79% Effective Against COVID-19
    2021-03-26 01:46:11 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — AstraZeneca reported Monday that its COVID-19 vaccine provided strong protection among all adults in a long-anticipated U.S. study, raising hopes that the findings could help rebuild public confidence in the beleaguered shot in other countries and moving a step closer to clearance for American use. AstraZeneca said the...
  • Facts & Questions: George Floyd’s Cause of Death
    2021-03-07 20:46:24 UTC

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis police officer was swiftly fired and charged with murder after bystander video showed him pressing his knee into George Floyd’s neck, ignoring the Black man’s cries that he couldn’t breathe. But even with that powerful footage, legal experts say the case isn’t a slam dunk. Jury selection begins Monda...
  • UK's Johnson Wants to Host Euro 2020, WM 2030
    2021-03-02 02:52:27 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is the “right time” for the United Kingdom and Ireland to launch a bid to host the 2030 soccer World Cup, while he added the country would also be willing to host extra Euro 2020 matches this year if required. “We are very, very keen to bring football home in 2030. I do...
  • COVID-19: How Political Leaders Functioned as Superspreaders
    2021-02-15 21:57:57 UTC

    <p>Publisher: <a href="">Poone Bakhtiary</a></p><p><img src="" class="fr-fic fr-dii"></p><h2>Anatomy of a conspiracy: With COVID, China took leading role</h2><p><br></p><p>BRUSS...
  • EU Urges on China to reverse Its Ban on BBC
    2021-02-13 17:03:43 UTC

    (Reuters) - The European Union called on China to reverse its ban on the BBC World News television, the Associated Press reported here on Saturday. China barred Britain’s BBC World News from its television networks on Friday and Hong Kong’s public broadcaster said it would stop relaying BBC World Service radio, a week after Britain ...
  • British Exports to EU Fall by 68% After Brexit Deal
    2021-02-07 17:55:29 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Exports from Britain to the European Union fell by 68% in January as trade was disrupted after the end of a transition period following Britain’s departure from the European Union, according to a trade body representing hauliers. The government did not confirm the data and said disruption at the border had been mi...
  • Is Sound of Music a true story?
    2021-02-07 06:34:23 UTC

    The Sound of Music is an iconic film based on an iconic play that made its Broadway debut on this day in 1959. It chronicles the life of Maria von Trapp,whose aspiration to become a nun gets derailed when she becomes a governess to the von Trapp children. Both the musical and the film were massive successes. Both were based on the true...
  • UK Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 100,000
    2021-01-26 17:47:02 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — For nine months, Gordon Bonner has been in the “hinterlands of despair and desolation” after losing his wife of 63 years to the coronavirus pandemic that has now taken the lives of more than 100,000 people in the United Kingdom. Only recently did Bonner think he might be able to move on — after sensing the spirit of hi...
  • Merkel Says “There Is Simply a Much Broader Political Overlap With President Biden”
    2021-01-26 07:11:04 UTC

    BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that she isn’t abandoning a German-Russian gas pipeline project that faces U.S. sanctions, but wants to talk to the new administration about the issue. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would bring Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea, faces bipartisan opposition in ...
  • Merkel Invites Biden to Germany for Visit
    2021-01-26 07:08:12 UTC

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited US President Joe Biden to visit Germany as soon as the pandemic situation allowed. Biden told Merkel on Monday that he is looking to revitalize the transatlantic alliance with Germany, a relationship that became strained under former President Donald Trump. The new president has made a seri...
  • Boeing 737 MAX to Fly in Europe: “Inappropriate, Dangerous”
    2021-01-25 22:07:56 UTC

    PARIS (Reuters) - Europe is set to lift a 22-month flight ban on the Boeing 737 MAX this week after reviewing submissions by industry experts and whistleblowers, angering relatives of some of the 346 crash victims, who say the move is premature. A green light from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a key step towards ...
  • Merkel, Biden Agree to Strengthen US-Europe Cooperation
    2021-01-26 01:04:47 UTC

    BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Joe Biden agreed in a phone call on Monday that the COVID-19 pandemic and other global challenges can only be tackled through closer cooperation, a government spokesman in Berlin said on Monday. Transatlantic relations cooled sharply under former President Donald ...
  • Find Out How Life Insurance Can Protect Your Family
    2021-01-28 00:24:08 UTC

    <p>Did you know that 41 percent of all life insurance purchases are event-related? For many of us, life insurance never crosses our minds until we marry, or buy a house or start our own business. While the trigger events are varied, the need &mdash; life insurance &mdash; is the same. Here are five events that commonly increase a perso...
  • Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Arrested at Airport
    2021-01-17 20:05:25 UTC

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested Sunday at a Moscow airport as he tried to enter the country from Germany, where he had spent five months recovering from nerve agent poisoning that he blames on the Kremlin. Navalny’s detention at passport control in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport was widely expecte...
  • U.S. Suspends 25% Tariffs on French Imports
    2021-01-07 19:02:26 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The United States has indefinitely suspended 25% tariffs on French cosmetics, handbags and other imports it had planned in retaliation for a digital services tax Washington says will harm U.S. tech firms, as it investigates similar taxes elsewhere. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office (USTR) said on Thursday ...
  • Boris Johnson's Father Applies for French Citizenship: I Will Always Be European
    2021-01-02 21:42:41 UTC

    PARIS (Reuters) - The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday he was in the process of applying for a French passport to maintain his ties with the European Union after Brexit. Stanley Johnson, a former member of the European Parliament who voted Remain in Britain’s 2016 referendum, told RTL radio he wanted t...
  • UK Parliament Approves Boris Johnson’s Post-Brexit Trade Deal
    2020-12-30 19:25:29 UTC

    LONDON/BRUSSELS (Reuters) -British lawmakers approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union on Wednesday, as both sides looked to begin a new chapter of relations just days before their divorce becomes a reality. Britain and the European Union signed the deal on Wednesday and the British parli...
  • European Union Governments Approve Brexit Trade Deal
    2020-12-30 19:21:45 UTC

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union governments approved on Tuesday a trade deal regulating relations between the 27-nation bloc and Britain, paving the way for its provisional application from Jan 1, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. The deal, which preserves Britain’s zero-tariff and zero-quota access to the EU’s single mar...
  • Russia Issues Navalny an Ultimatum: Fly Back From Germany or Be Jailed
    2020-12-29 02:46:47 UTC

    <p>MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia&rsquo;s prison service on Monday gave Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a last minute ultimatum: Fly back from Germany at once and report at a Moscow office early on Tuesday morning, or be jailed if you return after that deadline.</p><p>Navalny, one of President Vladimir Putin&rsquo;s leading critics, was airli...
  • EU: Doctors, Nurses, Elderly Rolled Up Their Sleeves to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
    2020-12-27 21:41:01 UTC

    ROME (AP) — Doctors, nurses and the elderly rolled up their sleeves across the European Union to receive the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine Sunday in a symbolic show of unity and moment of hope for a continent confronting its worst health care crisis in a century. Weeks after the U.S., Canada and Britain began inoculations ...