Middle East

  • Mosul: Weapon fired by US strike not big enough to collapse an entire building
    2017-03-31 04:05:58 UTC

    <h3>The top U.S. commander in Iraq on Tuesday said the type of weapon fired by the U.S.-led coalition in Mosul in a recent air strike should not have caused a blast big enough to collapse an entire building, a potential sign of Islamic State's role in civilian casualties.</h3> "Actually our munitions, the fact that the whole buildin...
  • ISIS Beheads Two For 'Sorcery' In Egypt's Sinai
    2017-03-31 04:04:54 UTC

    <h3>Islamic State's branch in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula posted a video on Tuesday depicting the beheading of two men the militant Islamist group said it had found guilty of practicing witchcraft and sorcery.</h3> The video, posted on a Telegram channel often used by IS, showed the group forming a religious police unit known as the Has...
  • Kurdish Peshmerga and Arab militias took a military airport in Syria held by ISIS
    2017-03-27 02:53:14 UTC

    By Angus McDowall and Suleiman Al-Khalidi | BEIRUT/AMMAN _ An alliance of Kurdish Peshmerga and Arab militias (SDF) took a military airport in northern Syria held by ISIS, close to the country's largest dam that may be in danger of collapse. SDF ( Syrian Democratic Forces ), supported by a U.S.-led international coalition, said ...
  • Egypt's Hosni Mubarak freed and returns to his home
    2017-03-24 18:16:56 UTC

    By Lin Noueihed | Egypt's Hosni Mubarak freed and returns to his home in Heliopolis. CAIRO — Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president overthrown in 2011 and the first leader to face trial after the Arab Spring uprisings that swept the region, was freed on Friday after six years in detention, his lawyer said. The 88-year-old was ...
  • Slaughter of innocent civilians continues in battle for western Mosul
    2017-03-19 10:42:04 UTC

    Slaughter of innocent civilians continues in battle for western Mosul Rights groups have expressed concern over the mounting civilian death toll, as Islamic State fights from homes and densely-populated areas, a threat the Iraqi military and U.S.-led coalition have been countering with heavy weaponry to support troops on the ground....
  • Iraqi forces: ISIS leaders killed or retreated from Mosul
    2017-03-14 21:24:37 UTC

    By Patrick Markey and Abdelaziz Boumzar | MOSUL, IRAQ, — Iraqi government forces killed the Islamic State commander of Mosul's Old City on Tuesday as the battle for the militants' last stronghold in Iraq focused on a bridge crossing the Tigris river. As fighting intensified on Tuesday after the previous day's heavy rains, civili...
  • ISIS leader Baghdadi escaped Mosul, hiding in the desert
    2017-03-12 16:41:49 UTC

    By Isabel Coles, John Walcott and Maher Chmaytelli | MOSUL, IRAQ/WASHINGTON — U.S. and Iraqi officials believe the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has left operational commanders behind with diehard followers to fight the battle of Mosul, and is now hiding out in the desert, focusing mainly on his own survival. ...
  • US shouldn't assume OPEC would extend cuts to offset shale
    2017-03-09 21:50:59 UTC

    By Ron Bousso | HOUSTON — Senior Saudi energy officials told top independent U.S. oil firms in a closed-door meeting this week that they should not assume OPEC would extend output curbs to offset rising production from U.S. shale fields, two industry sources told Reuters on Thursday. Oil producers led by Saudi Arabia and top non...
  • Kurdish YPG And Syrian Democratic Forces Near Raqqa
    2017-03-09 21:32:37 UTC

    By Tom Perry | BEIRUT — Syrian forces said they expected to reach the outskirts of Islamic State-held Raqqa in a few weeks, as a U.S. Marines artillery unit deployed to help the campaign. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a militia alliance including the Kurdish YPG, is the main U.S. partner in the war against Islamic State in...
  • Iraqi forces have pushed deeper into western Mosul
    2017-03-01 07:27:29 UTC

    By Isabel Coles and Maher Chmaytelli | MOSUL/BAGHDAD, IRAQ — Iraqi army units shut the last main exit out of the ISIS's stronghold in western Mosul, controlling access to the city from the northwest, a general and residents there said on Wednesday. The army's 9th armored division is within a kilometer of Mosul's "Syria Gate", th...
  • One question at U.N. Syria talks: What does Russia want?
    2017-02-24 18:40:38 UTC

    By John Irish, Stephanie Nebehay and Tom Miles | GENEVA The first U.N.-led Syria peace talks in almost a year are in danger of getting lost in procedure, as officials obsess about who will meet whom, but behind the scenes diplomats say it's largely up to Russia to call the tune. Russia and the United States were the prime movers be...
  • Troops advance against ISIS on western Mosul
    2017-02-21 21:36:14 UTC

    By Isabel Coles and Maher Chmaytelli | SOUTH OF MOSUL, IRAQ/BAGHDAD U.S.-backed Iraqi forces closing in on the Islamic State-held western half of Mosul prepared on Tuesday to storm the airport and a nearby military base on its southern outskirts to create a bridgehead for a thrust into the city. Since ousting the militant group fro...
  • U.S. backs away from commitment to Palestinian state
    2017-02-15 23:08:56 UTC

    By Luke Baker and Matt Spetalnick | WASHINGTON President Donald Trump on Wednesday dropped a U.S. commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a longstanding bedrock of Middle East policy, even as he urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb settlement construction. In the first face-to-face...
  • United States to issue new Iran sanctions
    2017-02-02 23:47:39 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Trump is poised to impose new sanctions on multiple Iranian entities, seeking to ratchet up pressure on Tehran while crafting a broader strategy to counter what he sees as its destabilizing behavior, people familiar with the matter said on Thursday. In the first tangible action against Iran since Trump took o...
  • Nobel laureate Malala condemns Trump’s anti-refugee policy
    2017-01-29 19:07:58 UTC

    In a powerful statement, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai condemns Trump’s anti-refugee policy. Donald Trump’s executive order which reportedly bans people from several majority-Muslim countries—along with his explicit promise to prioritize Christian refugees over people from other religions—has drawn condemnation from many corners...
  • Israel approves hundreds of settlement homes in East Jerusalem
    2017-01-22 19:28:30 UTC

    By Maayan Lubell | JERUSALEM Israel approved building permits on Sunday for hundreds of homes in three East Jerusalem settlements in expectation that U.S. President Donald Trump will row back on the previous administration's criticism of such projects. The housing projects, on land that the Palestinians seek as part of a future sta...
  • Iraqi forces 'retake Mosul University' from ISIS
    2017-01-14 21:33:04 UTC

    Army says it has seized strategic university complex used as base by ISIS fighters following two days of fierce clashes. By Isabel Coles and John Davison (Reuters) | MOSUL, IRAQ/BAGHDAD Iraqi special forces drove back Islamic State militants in the Mosul University campus on Saturday, while elite police units took over large area...
  • Iraqi forces push further into northeast Mosul
    2017-01-11 23:56:40 UTC

    MOSUL, IRAQ (Reuters) - Iraqi forces made new advances against Islamic State in eastern Mosul and fought the militants in areas near the Tigris river on Wednesday, military officials said, keeping up the momentum of a renewed offensive in the jihadists' last major Iraqi stronghold. Elite troops have pushed into several neighborhoods...
  • Israeli Settlements are Illegal.
    2016-12-28 22:08:29 UTC

    Israeli officials are vowing to build thousands of new settlement homes on occupied Palestinian land, in defiance of a United Nations resolution passed Friday condemning such construction as a "flagrant violation under international law." The Security Council vote was 14-0. The United States abstained, denying a veto sought by Israel a...
  • BREAKING NEWS:Russian rescue team finds suspected crash site of missing plane in Black Sea near Sochi coast: Interfax
    2016-12-25 09:00:59 UTC

    (Reuters) - A Russian Defence Ministry TU-154 plane that had disappeared from radar over the Black Sea with 92 people on board has crashed, and it was unlikely there would be any survivors, the Interfax news agency reported on Sunday. A rescue team had found the crash site in the Black Sea near the coast of the Sochi. The military p...
  • United States has abandoned Israel after U.N. vote: Steinitz
    2016-12-24 09:37:23 UTC

    (Reuters) - Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Friday the United States had abandoned Israel by abstaining in a United Nations Security Council vote which adopted a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements. "This is not a resolution against settlements, it is an anti-Israel resolution, against the Jewish people...
  • Putin ordered increased security at all Russian missions
    2016-12-20 09:21:58 UTC

    ANKARA (Reuters) - The Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot in the back and killed as he gave a speech at an Ankara art gallery on Monday by an off-duty police officer who shouted "Don't forget Aleppo" and "Allahu Akbar" as he opened fire. President Tayyip Erdogan, in a video message to the nation, cast the attack as an attempt to ...
  • Assad Says Trump Could Be 'Natural Ally' In Battle Against Rebels
    2016-11-16 06:13:27 UTC

    Syria's Bashar al-Assad said in an interview aired on Tuesday that Donald Trump will be a "natural ally" if the US president-elect fulfills his pledge to fight "terrorists". In his first reaction to Trump's election victory last week, the Syrian president struck a note of caution and said he was unsure the American billionaire would...
  • Syria Kurds launch campaign to take Raqqa from ISIS
    2016-11-06 17:21:21 UTC

    By Rodi Said | AIN ISSA, SYRIA A U.S.-backed alliance of Syrian armed groups said on Sunday it had launched an operation to retake the northern city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of Islamic State in Syria. The new offensive ratchets up pressure on the militant group at a critical moment, with its fighters already battling an assau...
  • Iraqi forces retake six neighborhoods and nearing mosul airport
    2016-11-06 17:18:57 UTC

    Iraqi security forces drove Islamic State fighters from the center of a town just south of the militants' main stronghold of Mosul on Saturday and reached within a few km (miles) of an airport on the edge of the city, a senior commander said. Lieutenant-General Raed Shakir Jawdat said security forces were in control of the center ...