Middle East

  • US Begins Airstrikes on ISIS in Tikrit
    2015-03-26 00:24:03 UTC

    At the request of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the coalition is providing "airstrikes, airborne intelligence capabilities, and advise and assist support to Iraqi Security Force headquarters elements," it said. According to a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the first wave of airstrikes was intended to hit ab...
  • White House: Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories must end
    2015-03-24 20:26:49 UTC

    “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end,” Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, told a conference of liberal activists in Washington. “Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,” he added. Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd said on MSNBC’s “Now w/Alex Wagner” that Whi...
  • Iraqi Sunnis accuse Shi'ite paramilitaries of burning homes outside Tikrit
    2015-03-22 01:58:33 UTC

    (Reuters) - Two Iraqi local officials and a police officer accused Shi'ite paramilitary forces on Saturday of burning and looting homes in the town of al-Dour after capturing the area during a military campaign to oust Islamic State fighters. A spokesman for the armed faction, Kataib Hezbollah, denied the allegations, while a securi...
  • ISIS Beheads Peshmerga hostages in Front of Children
    2015-03-21 00:55:15 UTC

    Kurdistan ( Iraq ) – The Islamic State group, ISIS released a new video showing three fighters from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces slaughtered by IS militants in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq, pro-ISIS media sources reported. The ISIS-linked Media Office of Nineveh state showed a group of wounded civilians in the footage saying ...
  • Israeli elections take dramatic turn as official tally gives Netanyahu sweeping victory
    2015-03-18 09:33:24 UTC

    <strong>Netanyahu's party set to win 30 Knesset seats, Zionist Union gets 24 • Netanyahu calls for 'strong' government to safeguard security, welfare • Meretz leader Zehava Galon resigns in wake of election results.</strong> With nearly all votes counted, Benjamin Netanyahu's Lkud party is set to emerge as the election's big w...
  • Meretz Leader Zehava Galon To Resign
    2015-03-18 06:32:37 UTC

    Meretz chair Zehava Gal-On announced on Wednesday that she is resigning from her position at the helm of the party in the wake of the movement's disappointing showing in Tuesday's election, Channel 2 reported. The left-wing party barely earned enough votes to get into the Knesset, with the official tally giving Meretz four seats. Te...
  • 16 Turkmen bodies found in mass grave near Kirkuk
    2015-03-16 08:07:12 UTC

    KIRKUK - Kurdish Peshmerga forces have discovered a mass grave with 16 Turkmen bodies south of Kirkuk, northern Iraq, during an operation to retake control of Al-Bashir from ISIS. According to information from security forces in the region, mines on the roads have slowed down the progress of the operation, which was launched three ...
  • Pakistan executes Shafqat Hussain - Sentenced to death at age of 14
    2015-08-04 05:13:45 UTC

    Pakistan (Karachi) - Shafqat Hussain was hanged in a Karachi prison in the early hours of August 4th 2015. He was 24 at the time of execution and imprisoned at the age of 14. The Pakistani government scrapped a moratorium on capital punishment in the aftermath of an attack on a school in Peshawar in December last years in which mo...
  • ISIS fighters walked into the Peshmerga base in Kurdistan to surrender
    2015-03-13 16:37:36 UTC

    KIRKUK, Kurdistan - At least 18 unarmed militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) handed themselves over to Kurdish Peshmerga forces on Friday in the village of Ghubaiba in Kirkuk province, a military official told Rudaw. Shwan Hama Gharib, a commander of the Peshmerga forces, said the fighters walked into the Peshmerga base in Ghubai...
  • 'Worst year for Syrian civilians as UN resolutions fail'
    2015-03-12 05:16:21 UTC

    The agencies - including Save the Children and Oxfam - say it has been the "worst year" for civilians as the conflict enters its fifth year. Another humanitarian report says 83% of the lights in Syria have gone out since the conflict began in March 2011. The UN secretary general says the long-term aim remains a political solution...
  • ISIS video claims to show child executes Palestinian captive
    2015-03-11 18:14:12 UTC

    Jerusalem (CNN) - A newly released ISIS video shows a child shooting a man the group claims is an Israeli spy. The video identifies the man as 19-year-old Mohamed Said Ismail Musallam, an Israeli citizen of Palestinian descent. In the video, ISIS shows Musallam's Israeli passport and claims he's an agent sent to infiltrate the gr...
  • IS Killer, Mohammed Emwazi used trick to calm hostage victims before beheadings
    2015-03-10 20:52:24 UTC

    A former translator, “Saleh”, said in an interview with Sky News that he was employed by the group to convince foreign hostages they were safe, before they were killed in videos featuring Mohammed Emwazi, the 26-year-old radical known as “Jihadi John”. Foreign hostages captured by Islamic State were subjected to numerous mock behead...
  • Israeli forces bombarded the town of Rafah
    2014-08-01 21:01:09 UTC

    Fighting broke out with renewed ferocity in Gaza on Friday as Israeli forces bombarded the town of Rafah in response to the apparent capture of one of its soldiers by Hamas, after an internationally brokered ceasefire collapsed almost immediately. Peace talks planned in Cairo to take advantage of the truce stalled before they began,...
  • Israeli soldier 'captured by militants' as ceasefire ends
    2014-08-01 17:40:37 UTC

    Israeli forces are searching for a soldier believed captured, as a 72-hour truce with Hamas in Gaza collapsed just hours after it had begun. The soldier, named as Hadar Goldin, 23, disappeared when Israeli forces trying to destroy a suspected militant tunnel were attacked, Israel's military said. Two soldiers died in the firefigh...
  • Israeli hit a vegetable market in Gaza, 17 people died
    2014-07-30 18:40:47 UTC

    At least 17 people have been killed and 160 wounded in an Israeli strike that hit a fruit and vegetable market near Gaza City, Palestinian officials say. Hundreds of people were shopping in the market in Shejaiya, a spokesman for the Gaza health ministry said. The attack came during a four-hour truce called by the Israeli militar...
  • Israel hits U.N. school refuge 'without warning'
    2014-07-30 09:30:47 UTC

    Tank fire has killed at least 15 Palestinians sheltering at a school in a Gaza refugee camp, the UN says. Witnesses at the UN-run Abu Hussein school, where thousands were taking refuge, said walls had been destroyed. Israel, which has accused the militant group Hamas of using schools as bases to launch rockets, said it was invest...
  • Netanyahu: We will continue 'until mission is accomplished'
    2014-07-28 19:47:35 UTC

    The war in Gaza erupted afresh on Monday as Israel warned of a protracted military campaign to destroy cross-border tunnels and disarm Hamas and other militant groups. "We need to be prepared for a long operation until our mission is accomplished," Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said in a televised press conference,...
  • UN calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza
    2014-07-28 06:31:45 UTC

    The UN Security Council has called for an "immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza. An emergency session backed a statement calling for a truce over the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr "and beyond". Both the Palestinian and Israeli envoys to the UN criticised the statement, for different reasons. Brief truces...
  • Israel has accepted a 24-hour ceasefire in Gaza
    2014-07-26 22:47:22 UTC

    Israel has accepted a UN request for a 24-hour ceasefire in Gaza, but warns the army will act if it is breached by Palestinian militants. A crisis cabinet meeting extended Saturday's truce until midnight on Sunday (21:00 GMT). The move comes despite Hamas militants firing rockets after they rejected an earlier attempt to prolong ...
  • Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas 'agree short truce'
    2014-07-25 22:33:43 UTC

    Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 12-hour pause in hostilities in Gaza, reports say. The truce is due to begin at 0800 local time (0500 GMT). Efforts to negotiate a seven-day ceasefire are still ongoing. Earlier US Secretary of State John Kerry said he was still confident of a longer ceasefire, despite media reports that Israel h...
  • Jerusalem protests: Kills at least 2 and 200 wounded
    2014-07-25 08:20:30 UTC

    At least two Palestinians have been killed and 200 wounded in the West Bank during protests against Israel's campaign in Gaza, officials say. About 10,000 protesters marched from Ramallah towards East Jerusalem, where they were met by Israeli forces. At least 15 people died and scores were injured when a UN-run shelter came under...
  • Gaza Bloodbath: Israel attacks UN school, Kills at Least 16
    2014-07-24 17:40:07 UTC

    Israeli tank shells hit a compound housing a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing at least 16 people and wounding dozens who were seeking shelter from fierce clashes on the streets outside. Pools of blood soiled the school courtyard, amid scattered books and belongings. There was a large scorch mark in the court...
  • Militants 'kill 60' in ambush on Iraq prison convoy
    2014-07-24 07:37:59 UTC

    Suicide attackers have mounted a bomb and gun attack on a prison convoy in Iraq, killing 51 prisoners and nine police officers, security sources say. Roadside bombs exploded as the convoy was taking the prisoners from the town of Taji to the capital, Baghdad, justice ministry and medical sources told Reuters. Gunmen opened fire a...
  • Hamas: Gaza blockade must end before ceasefire
    2014-07-24 07:03:55 UTC

    The leader of Islamist militant group Hamas has said there can be no ceasefire to ease the conflict in Gaza without an end to Israel's blockade. Khaled Meshaal said Hamas would continue to reject a lasting ceasefire until its conditions were met. It follows further Israeli air strikes and ground operations in Gaza, as Hamas conti...
  • UN warns of Israel's military actions in Gaza 'war crimes'
    2014-07-23 17:00:11 UTC

    The UN's top human rights official has condemned Israel's military actions in the Gaza Strip, saying that war crimes may have been committed. Navi Pillay told an emergency debate at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that Israel's military offensive had not done enough to protect civilians. She also condemned Hamas for "indisc...