Middle East

  • EU Is Facing a New Refugee Crisis
    2020-03-03 19:04:53 UTC

    <p>KASTANIES/LESBOS, Greece (Reuters) - European Union officials on Tuesday promised more cash for Greece during a visit to its border with Turkey which tens of thousands of migrants and refugees have been trying for days to breach.</p><p>The officials urged Turkey to abide by a 2016 deal which requires it to keep the migrants on its s...
  • Iran Is Within Reach of Enriched Uranium Needed to Produce Nuclear Weapon
    2020-03-03 17:35:05 UTC

    <p>VIENNA (AP) &mdash; Iran has nearly tripled its stockpile of enriched uranium since November in violation of its deal with world powers and is refusing to answer questions about three possible undeclared nuclear sites, the U.N. atomic watchdog agency said Tuesday.</p><p>The International Atomic Energy Agency made the statement in a ...
  • Daily Cases of Coronavirus Outside China Climbing
    2020-03-02 18:44:39 UTC

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The coronavirus appeared for the first time in New York, Moscow and Berlin and clusters of the disease surged around the world, even as new cases in China dropped to their lowest level in six weeks Monday and hundreds of patients were released from hospitals at the epicenter of the outbreak. Almost nine tim...
  • Iranian director wins prize at Berlin festival in absentia
    2020-03-02 02:33:51 UTC

    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof’s “There Is No Evil” won the Golden Bear prize Saturday for best picture at the Berlin Film Festival. Rasoulof wasn’t there to accept the award due to a travel ban imposed on him by Iranian authorities. “There Is No Evil” tells four stories loosely connected to the use of ...
  • Iran reports 978 coronavirus cases, death toll jumps to 54
    2020-03-01 13:15:28 UTC

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's health ministry raised on Sunday the nationwide death toll from the new coronavirus to 54 as the number of confirmed infected cases jumped overnight by more than half to 978 people. The ministry's spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said new cases were confirmed in a number of cities, including Mashhad, which is ...
  • US Signs Peace Agreement with Taliban
    2020-02-29 15:41:25 UTC

    DOHA, Qatar (AP) — The United States signed a peace agreement with Taliban militants on Saturday aimed at bringing an end to 18 years of bloodshed in Afghanistan and allowing U.S. troops to return home from America’s longest war. Under the agreement, the U.S. would draw its forces down to 8,600 from 13,000 in the next 3-4 months, wi...
  • Turkey, Russia talk tensions in Syria as migrants push west
    2020-02-28 21:38:48 UTC

    <p>REYHANLI, Turkey (AP) &mdash; The presidents of Turkey and Russia spoke by phone Friday to try to defuse tensions that rose significantly in Syria after 33 Turkish troops were killed in an airstrike blamed on the Syrian government, and a new wave of refugees and migrants headed for the Greek land and sea border after Turkey said it ...
  • Coronavirus Outbreak Is Spreading Around the World
    2020-02-27 21:37:15 UTC

    <p>One by one, more and more countries are reporting cases of the new coronavirus. Governments and doctors on the front lines are scrambling for solutions and everyday life around the globe is being disrupted in a manner that&rsquo;s not been seen in recent times.&nbsp;</p><p>The spread of the virus is having an impact around the world...
  • European Union Rejects Trump Middle East Peace Plan
    2020-02-04 22:07:55 UTC

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union rejected parts of U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East on Tuesday, prompting an angry response from Israel which has strongly backed the U.S. proposal. The plan, announced by Trump last week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side, was rejected outrig...
    2020-01-28 18:44:45 UTC

    OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Survivors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp prayed and wept as they marked the 75th anniversary of its liberation, returning Monday to the place where they lost entire families and warning about the ominous growth of anti-Semitism and hatred in the world. “We have with us the last living survivors, the las...
  • Trump Plan Calls for Palestinian State, Settlement Freeze
    2020-01-28 18:37:35 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East peace plan Tuesday, calling for the creation of a State of Palestine with its capital in portions of east Jerusalem. He declared it a “win-win” opportunity for both Israel and the Palestinians. The plan ends speculation as to whether his administration, i...
  • Russian Troops to Fill Void Left by US in Syria
    2019-10-23 00:55:16 UTC

    SOCHI, Russia/ANKARA (Reuters) - Syrian and Russian forces will deploy in northeast Syria to remove Kurdish YPG fighters and their weapons from the border with Turkey under a deal agreed on Tuesday which both Moscow and Ankara hailed as a triumph. Hours after the deal was announced, the Turkish defense ministry said that the United ...
  • Iran's Intelligence Agents Captured Exiled Journalist
    2019-10-14 20:04:20 UTC

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Agents of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have captured and returned to Iran an exiled journalist who allegedly fueled anti-government street unrest across the country early last year using social media, Iranian state television reported on Monday. Ruhollah Zam, a journalist-turned-activist who headed Amadnews with mor...
  • Invasion Into Kurdish-Syrian Territory: Germany Bans Arms Exports to Turkey
    2019-10-12 19:55:28 UTC

    ANKARA/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Germany has banned arms exports to Turkey over its assault against Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, a foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Saturday. Turkish-backed Syrian rebels advanced into Ras al Ain in northeast Syria on Saturday but it was unclear how far, with Turkey saying the town center had been taken...
  • US Will Betray Kurds Again
    2019-10-07 23:06:05 UTC

    For decades, the United States has maintained a curious relationship with the Kurds. Americans have historically enlisted them to help fight in the Middle East, only to turn on them in the end. Despite a history of betrayal, the Kurds have yet again become an important long ally in the fight against ISIS. Perhaps the most effective ...
  • Afghanistan: US Strike Kills at Least 30 civilians
    2019-09-20 01:35:45 UTC

    JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A U.S. drone strike intended to hit an Islamic State (IS) hideout in Afghanistan killed at least 30 civilians resting after a day’s labor in the fields, officials said on Thursday. The attack on Wednesday night also injured 40 people after accidentally targeting farmers and laborers who had just fi...
  • Attacks on Saudi Oil Field Knock Out Half of Its Output
    2019-09-15 07:21:05 UTC

    RIYADH/DUBAI/LONDON (Reuters) - Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group said it attacked two plants at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry on Saturday, knocking out more than half the Kingdom’s output, in a move expected to send oil prices soaring and increase tensions in the Middle East. The attacks will cut the kingdom’s output by ...
  • Never-Ending War
    2019-07-05 03:58:47 UTC

    Jalalabad, Afghanistan (AFP) -- Of all the sad, wrenching things I have seen as a journalist in Afghanistan, Niaz Bibi's house was probably one of the saddest. At the age of 70, Bibi has found herself as the main parent of some 40 kids -- the children of her three sons and three grandsons who had been killed by the Islamic State. Bi...
  • Angela Merkel: There Has to Be a Political Solution on Iran
    2019-06-22 21:23:07 UTC

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The international community must seek a political solution on Iran, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, after U.S. President Donald Trump said he had aborted a military strike to retaliate against Tehran’s downing of a U.S. drone. Speaking at an annual gathering of Protestant churches, Merkel also...
  • US Abruptly Calls Off Retaliation Strike Against Iran
    2019-06-21 05:39:58 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official said the military made preparations Thursday night for limited strikes on Iran in retaliation for the downing of a U.S. surveillance drone, but approval was abruptly withdrawn before the attacks were launched. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the operation publicly and spoke on condit...
  • US Drone Shot Down After Entering Iran’s Airspace
    2019-06-20 05:51:04 UTC

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards have shot down a U.S. “spy” drone in the southern province of Hormozgan, the Guards’ news website Sepah News said on Thursday. State news agency IRNA carried the same report, identifying the drone as an “RQ-4 Global Hawk’. “It was shot down when it entered Iran’s airspace near t...
  • US Blames Iran for Tanker Attacks in See of Oman
    2019-06-13 21:55:27 UTC

    DUBAI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two oil tankers were attacked on Thursday and left adrift in the Gulf of Oman, driving up oil prices and stoking fears of a new confrontation between Iran and the United States, which blamed Tehran for the incident. “It is the assessment of the United States government that the Islamic Republic of Iran i...
  • US Senators Seek to Block Trump Saudi Arms Sales
    2019-06-05 21:52:21 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican and Democratic U.S. senators said on Wednesday they would introduce legislation to block President Donald Trump’s plan for $8 billion in military sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates without congressional review. Backers said the introduction of the 22 “resolutions of disapproval,” one...
  • US shared sensitive nuclear power information with Saudi Arabia
    2019-06-05 06:08:32 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration granted two authorizations to U.S. companies to share sensitive nuclear power information with Saudi Arabia shortly after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October, a U.S. senator who saw the approvals said on Tuesday. The timing of the approvals is likely to heap pressure o...
  • US Deploys 1,500 Troops to Middle East
    2019-05-24 19:49:36 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States announced on Friday the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country’s Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month’s tanker attacks. U.S. President Donald Trump publicly announced the 1,50...