• Trump's WHO Decision "Selfish, Short-Sighted and Wrong"
    2020-04-16 21:23:54 UTC

    GENEVA (AP) — Nations and health experts worldwide reacted with alarm Wednesday after President Donald Trump announced a halt to the sizable funding the United States sends to the World Health Organization. They warned that the move could jeopardize global efforts to stop the coronavirus pandemic. At a briefing in Washington, Trump...
  • South Korea to Strap Tracking Wristbands on People Who defy Quarantine Orders
    2020-04-11 06:47:50 UTC

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea announced plans Saturday to strap tracking wristbands on people who defy quarantine orders and Christians were urged to stay home on Easter weekend as the global coronavirus death toll passed 100,000. South Korean officials said stricter controls are required because some of the 57,000 people w...
  • Chinese Firm Develops a Vaccine for Coronavirus: 500 Volunteers Needed for Second Phase Trial
    2020-04-29 21:09:12 UTC

    BEIJING — Chinese biopharma firm CanSino Biologics is recruiting 500 volunteers for the second phase of a clinical trial of a vaccine that is the country’s biggest hope for preventing a new coronavirus epidemic. <ul><li data-v-e4bae94c=""><strong><span style="font-size: 14px;">&bull; Tianjin-based CanSino Biologics is recruiting 500...
  • COVID-19: Some Doctors Moving Away From Using Breathing Machines
    2020-04-29 21:06:04 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can. The reason: Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the ma...
  • Bernie Sanders Ended His Presidential Bid
    2020-04-08 19:28:06 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders, who saw his once strong lead in the Democratic primary evaporate as the party’s establishment lined swiftly up behind rival Joe Biden, ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, an acknowledgment that the former vice president is too far ahead for him to have any reasonable hope of catching up. T...
  • COVID-19 Crisis: Life in China Slowly Returns to Normal
    2020-04-08 19:32:35 UTC

    WUHAN, China - Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province and the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday lifted a 76-day lockdown that it had imposed to halt the spread of the virus, signalling the normal resumption of life for the city of 11 million people while the world still tackles the pandemic. Mostly everyone...
  • China Donates Ventilators to United States
    2020-04-04 17:50:53 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that China is facilitating the shipment of 1,000 ventilators to his state, as he continues to shop for more of the lifesaving devices ahead of a growing number of coronavirus patients who are expected to need them. The number of people infected in the U.S. has exceeded a quar...
  • “Modern Piracy”: U.S. Snatches Masks Meant for Germany
    2020-04-04 01:17:16 UTC

    PARIS/BERLIN — The global scramble to secure face masks to shield frontline workers from the coronavirus has turned the marketplace into the “Wild West,” with the United States often ready to outbid buyers who have already signed deals, officials from Europe to the Americas say. In France and Germany, senior officials said the Unite...
  • Coronavirus Is Spreading by Seemingly Healthy People
    2020-04-29 21:05:11 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists offered more evidence Wednesday that the coronavirus is spread by seemingly healthy people who show no clear symptoms, and the federal government issued new guidance warning that anyone exposed to the disease can be considered a carrier. A study by researchers in Singapore became the latest to estimate tha...
  • COVID-19: Chinese Scientists Find 'Effective' Antibodies
    2020-04-01 19:31:49 UTC

    BEIJING (Reuters) - A team of Chinese scientists has isolated several antibodies that it says are “extremely effective” at blocking the ability of the new coronavirus to enter cells, which eventually could be helpful in treating or preventing COVID-19. There is currently no proven effective treatment for the disease, which originate...
  • IMF: Global Economy Has Entered Recession, Worse Than 2008 Downturn
    2020-03-27 23:26:50 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the International Monetary Fund said Friday it is clear that the global economy has now entered a recession that could be as bad or worse than the 2009 downturn. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said the 189-nation lending agency was forecasting a recovery in 2021, saying it could be a “sizabl...
  • Coronavirus: Half-Million Infected Worldwide
    2020-03-26 16:49:08 UTC

    The number of coronavirus infections closed in on a half-million worldwide Thursday, with both Italy and the U.S. on track to surpass China, and a record-shattering 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in a single week in a stark demonstration of the damage to the world’s biggest economy. Health care systems in Eu...
  • Asian Markets Opened Sharply Higher
    2020-03-25 03:14:56 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Shares opened sharply higher in Asia on Wednesday after the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged to its best day since 1933 with Congress and the White House nearing a deal on injecting nearly $2 trillion of aid into an economy ravaged by the coronavirus. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index jumped 5.3%, while Hong Kong added 3% ...
  • Coronavirus Cases Top 220,000 Worldwide - 9,000 Dies
    2020-03-18 23:20:08 UTC

    BERLIN (AP) — Desperate travelers choked European border crossings on Wednesday after nations implemented strict controls in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, creating traffic jams miles long and slowing the passage of trucks carrying critical supplies. The number of people infected worldwide crested the 220,000 ...
  • Global Stocks Fall Sharply as Virus Cases Spread Around the World
    2020-03-16 20:33:23 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks fell sharply around the world Monday as the coronavirus forced huge swaths of the economy to the edge of a standstill, from parked airplanes to the nearly empty restaurant around the corner. The Dow industrials took a 2,999-point nosedive on Monday as fears deepen that the coronavirus outbreak will throw glob...
  • Global Shares Plunge: Worst Day Since '87
    2020-03-13 02:06:33 UTC

    <p>NEW YORK (AP) &mdash; Shares have plunged in Asia, with Japan&rsquo;s benchmark sinking 10% after Wall Street suffered its biggest drop since the Black Monday crash of 1987.&nbsp;</p><p>Markets worldwide have retreated as fears of economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis deepen and the meltdown in the U.S., the world&rsquo;s big...
  • World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Crisis Is Now a Pandemic
    2020-03-11 16:52:06 UTC

    <p>ROME (AP) &mdash; Expressing increasing alarm about mounting infections, the World Health Organization declared Wednesday that the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic.</p><p>Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who heads the U.N. agency, said the WHO is &ldquo;deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity&rdquo; of t...
  • Coronavirus Fuels Dramatic Fall in Oil Price
    2020-03-09 01:49:08 UTC

    <p>NEW YORK (AP) &mdash; Oil prices are plunging as a dispute among producers could lead a global economy weakened by COVID-19 to be awash in an oversupply of crude.</p><p>Brent crude, the international standard, lost $9.50, or 20.1%, to $35.77 per barrel, as of 7:58 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday after earlier touching its lowest price s...
  • Daily Cases of Coronavirus Outside China Climbing
    2020-03-02 18:44:39 UTC

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The coronavirus appeared for the first time in New York, Moscow and Berlin and clusters of the disease surged around the world, even as new cases in China dropped to their lowest level in six weeks Monday and hundreds of patients were released from hospitals at the epicenter of the outbreak. Almost nine tim...
  • Iran reports 978 coronavirus cases, death toll jumps to 54
    2020-03-01 13:15:28 UTC

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's health ministry raised on Sunday the nationwide death toll from the new coronavirus to 54 as the number of confirmed infected cases jumped overnight by more than half to 978 people. The ministry's spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said new cases were confirmed in a number of cities, including Mashhad, which is ...
  • Coronavirus Outbreak Is Spreading Around the World
    2020-02-27 21:37:15 UTC

    <p>One by one, more and more countries are reporting cases of the new coronavirus. Governments and doctors on the front lines are scrambling for solutions and everyday life around the globe is being disrupted in a manner that&rsquo;s not been seen in recent times.&nbsp;</p><p>The spread of the virus is having an impact around the world...
  • New Hope in Virus Outbreak in China: Fall in New Cases
    2020-02-12 18:59:17 UTC

    BEIJING (AP) — Dr. Mike Ryan, the head of emergencies for the World Health Organization, says “it’s way too early to try to predict the beginning of the end” of the virus outbreak in China. Ryan was speaking at a news conference Wednesday at WHO headquarters in Geneva. He says it is reassuring that the number of daily cases appea...
  • Trump Calls For China To Investigate His Political Opponent
    2019-10-03 15:49:34 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S President Donald Trump said on Thursday he wanted Ukraine and China to investigate political rival and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son, openly advocating an action that triggered a Democratic impeachment inquiry in Congress. Trump’s earlier efforts to have Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zel...
  • North Korea Tested New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
    2019-10-03 04:56:04 UTC

    SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea said on Thursday it had successfully test-fired a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from the sea to contain external threats and bolster self-defense, ahead of fresh nuclear talks with the United States. The launch on Wednesday was the most provocative by North Korea since it resumed dialo...
  • Attacks on Saudi Oil Field Knock Out Half of Its Output
    2019-09-15 07:21:05 UTC

    RIYADH/DUBAI/LONDON (Reuters) - Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group said it attacked two plants at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry on Saturday, knocking out more than half the Kingdom’s output, in a move expected to send oil prices soaring and increase tensions in the Middle East. The attacks will cut the kingdom’s output by ...