• U.S. looking at "all options" on North Korea as nuclear test looms
    2012-04-17 07:59:52 UTC

    SEOUL (Reuters) - The United States is looking at "all options" as it seeks to discourage North Korea from conducting a third nuclear test, a senior U.S. military officer said on Tuesday, days after a failed long-range rocket launch by the North that drew international condemnation. The U.N. Security Council on Monday condemned recl...
  • Japan vows $60 billion to boost IMF firepower
    2012-04-17 05:50:19 UTC

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan said on Tuesday it will provide $60 billion in loans to the International Monetary Fund, becoming the first non-European nation to commit money to boost the fund's financial firepower to contain the euro zone debt crisis. Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Japan hoped Tokyo's contribution, which will be formally...
  • U.N. council set to condemn North Korean rocket launch
    2012-04-16 04:06:31 UTC

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - After days of closed-door haggling, the U.N. Security Council is hoping to adopt a statement on Monday condemning North Korea's botched rocket launch and suggesting an expansion of a U.N. blacklist of North Korean firms and individuals, envoys said. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said on ...
  • China gives currency more freedom with new reform
    2012-04-14 05:24:12 UTC

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China took a milestone step in turning the yuan into a global currency on Saturday by doubling the size of its trading band against the dollar, pushing through a crucial reform that further liberalizes its nascent financial markets. The People's Bank of China said it would allow the yuan to rise or fall 1 percent...
  • Finally! Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt get engaged
    2012-04-13 22:42:10 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — It's official: Brangelina is engaged. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven't set a wedding date yet, but their engagement "is a promise for the future," Pitt's manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante, said in an email Friday. Pitt, 48, and Jolie, 36, have six children together. "Their kids are very happy," Pett-Dante also s...
  • Obama: will isolate North Korea further after failed launch
    2012-04-13 22:33:51 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday the United States would work with the international community to further isolate North Korea after the country's unsuccessful launch of a long-range missile drew worldwide condemnation. "It's important to know that they've been trying to launch missiles like this for ...
  • Human trafficking victims in Azerbaijan mainly taken out to Turkey and Iran
    2012-04-13 17:25:44 UTC

    In the first quarter of this year 39 criminal facts in connection with human trafficking were registered in Azerbaijan, the head of department for combating human trafficking of the Interior Ministry, Javad Shikhaliyev, told Trend on Friday. During the reporting period 17 victims of trafficking were found, four criminal groups engag...
  • GM Uzbekistan 22 per cent decrease in car sales in Russia
    2012-04-13 17:18:37 UTC

    GM Uzbekistan JV sold 14,092 cars in Russia in January-March 2012, or 22.4 per cent less compared to the same period of 2011, the Automobile Manufacturers Committee of the Association of European Businesses said on Wednesday. In particular, 8441 Nexia cars (a 21.9 per cent decline compared to the same period of 2011) and 5651 Matiz ...
  • British PM, Suu Kyi back suspension of Myanmar sanctions
    2012-04-13 17:05:54 UTC

    YANGON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron and Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi gave powerful backing on Friday for suspending sanctions on the country, a stark shift in stance and a boon for a pariah state eager to come in from the cold. Cameron, the first Western leader to visit Myanmar in decades, and Nobel...
  • U.S. stops food aid to North Korea after missile launch
    2012-04-13 16:09:59 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will not go forward with planned food aid to North Korea, the White House said on Friday, after the impoverished nation's unsuccessful launch of a long-range missile which Washington had warned would have consequences. "Their efforts to launch a missile clearly demonstrates that they could no...
  • Somali pirates release Panama-flagged ship amid ransom reports
    2012-04-12 16:07:31 UTC

    HARGEISA (Reuters) - Somali pirates have released a Panama-flagged vessel they seized two months ago allowing it to continue on its way to the breakaway enclave of Somaliland, the ship's agent and a government official said on Thursday. Pirates hijacked the MV Leila in February near Oman, seizing the ship with its cargo of goods and...
  • Defiant North Korea begins injecting fuel into rocket
    2012-04-11 16:24:51 UTC

    PYONGYANG (Reuters) - Impoverished North Korea rejected international protests over its planned long-range rocket launch and said on Wednesday that it was injecting fuel "as we speak", meaning it could blast off as early as Thursday. If all goes to plan, the launch, which North Korea's neighbors and the West say is a disguised balli...
  • Japan ship insurer sets new rules on Iran oil voyages
    2012-04-11 06:32:54 UTC

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Ship owners covered by Japan P&I club must alert the maritime insurer in advance of any plans to transport Iranian oil and petrochemicals that could fall foul of Western sanctions, the insurer said. The United States and European Union have tightened measures aimed at reducing Iran's oil trade, stemming the flow of...
  • Manila summons China's envoy over South China Sea standoff
    2012-04-11 02:56:15 UTC

    MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines summoned China's ambassador in Manila on Wednesday for talks over a disputed area in the South China Sea after two large Chinese surveillance ships blocked a Philippine Navy vessel from arresting Chinese fishermen in the area. The Philippines and China are contesting sovereignty over a small group ...
  • Clinton warns of "additional provocations" from North Korea
    2012-04-11 01:06:35 UTC

    ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned on Tuesday that history points to "additional provocations" from North Korea after its expected rocket launch this week, suggesting isolated Pyongyang feared closer relations with the outside world. In a wide-ranging speech on U.S. policy toward the Asia-...
  • Exclusive: China's ZTE planned U.S. computer sale to Iran
    2012-04-10 20:59:25 UTC

    (Reuters) - China's ZTE Corp, which recently sold Iran's largest telecommunications firm a powerful surveillance system, later agreed to ship to Iran millions of dollars worth of embargoed U.S. computer equipment, documents show. The American components were part of an 8 million euro ($10.5 million) equipment-supply contract, dated ...
  • China, between a rocket and a hard place on North Korea
    2012-04-10 02:49:25 UTC

    BEIJING (Reuters) - A joke circulating among officials in Beijing pretty much underlines the bind China is in over North Korea's plans to send a satellite into space. North Korea's young ruler Kim Jong-un phones a Chinese leader to tell him about timing of the planned rocket launch. "When will it be?" asks the Chinese leader. Kim...
  • U.S. tells North Korea not to carry out nuclear test
    2012-04-10 01:05:13 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States urged North Korea on Monday not conduct a nuclear test or launch a satellite and called on China to exert its influence over its neighbor to try to ward off such "provocative actions." North Korea, which is pressing ahead with plans for a satellite launch despite U.S. and regional appeals tha...
  • Global business groups press India on technology plan
    2012-04-09 19:56:28 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Global business groups urged Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday to rescind new government rules for technology purchases that they said unfairly discriminate against foreign firms and potentially violate World Trade Organization rules. The letter is the second time in recent weeks that internationa...
  • The "Barbaric" Turkish Strikes Against US-Backed YPG Fighters
    2017-04-25 16:02:06 UTC

    Syria — The air Turkish strikes in Syria targeted the YPG - a key component of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are backed by the United States and have been closing in on ISIS the "Islamic State" bastion of Raqqa. The Turkish raids showed the challenges facing U.S.-led attempts to defeat Islamic State in Syria and risks in...
  • Stunning Images of Ramadan From Around the Globe
    2020-04-30 19:44:18 UTC

    <p>Ramadan is usually a time of togetherness, with Muslims filling mosques for hours of prayer and sharing large, lavish meals with friends and neighbors after days of dawn-to-dusk fasting.</p><p>But as Associated Press images show, the coronavirus has forced Muslims around the world &mdash; from Indonesia, India and Gaza City to Seatt...
  • China's big banks lend nearly 300 billion yuan in March: paper
    2012-04-07 07:57:42 UTC

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China's big four state banks extended almost 300 billion yuan ($47.50 billion) in new local-currency loans last month, the official Securities Times reported on Saturday, citing unidentified sources. The newspaper also estimated that the total new loans from all Chinese banks may exceed 900 billion yuan in March, b...
  • Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Strikes in Northeast India: USGS
    2018-01-07 08:15:19 UTC

    (Reuters) - A earthquake of magnitude 5.5 struck east of Imphal, capital of India’s northeastern state of Manipur, on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the quake, which was 22.8 km (14 miles) deep and hit 101 km (63 miles) east of Imphal. M 5.5 - 86km E of Yairipok...
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated
    2017-02-03 09:01:47 UTC

    <strong>World War I 1914</strong><h2> Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated</h2> In an event that is widely acknowledged to have sparked the outbreak of World War I, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, nephew of Emperor Franz Josef and heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is shot to death along with his wife by a Serbian nationalist in Sa...
  • MH370 Search: Airplane debris arrives in Paris
    2015-08-01 07:37:08 UTC

    Airplane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion and may belong to the vanished Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 arrived in France on Saturday for investigators to study its origin. According to a Reuters witness and Agence France Presse, an Air France flight carrying the debris landed at Orly airport near Paris at 0...