• Colbert: Who gets the last laugh?
    2014-04-02 07:39:29 UTC

    A review of the best commentary on and around the world... <h3>Today's must-read</h4>When you pick a fight with a man who stars in his own television show - particularly one who uses parody to self-consciously revel in his own glory - you have to be prepared for what might happen. The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert, the target ...
  • Piers Morgan fires parting shot at the NRA in final CNN show
    2014-03-29 20:15:39 UTC

    <h3>Attributing poor ratings to a feud with gun rights advocates, the host said a muted goodbye to the struggling news network</h3> There was no big celebration for Piers Morgan, no cake delivered to his desk on-air, no interviews with his favorite guests, no serenade from Bette Midler. On the last episode of CNN's Piers Morgan Toni...
  • How the US TV drama about Saudi Arabia was scrapped
    2014-03-25 07:16:08 UTC

    <h3>A US television channel has scrapped plans to produce a pilot programme called Alice in Arabia after Twitter users labelled the concept "lazy" and "racist"</h3> The channel in question - ABC Family - announced it would be making the show last Monday, and the premise caused immediate alarm. The story revolves around a fictional c...
  • The Voice: Sisaundra Lewis Steals The Show
    2014-03-18 05:10:49 UTC

    The blind auditions introduced so many great singers so when they were put head-to-head, some tough competition was brought into the spotlight. Thankfully, The Voice has the steal, which saved some of the best singers — and also kept the judges fighting, as per usual. In the end, Blake Shelton‘s contestant Sisaundra Lewis stole the sho...
  • The Voice' Recap: Battles Begin With a Bang
    2014-03-18 04:45:55 UTC

    It's out with the blind auditions and in with the battle rounds on The Voice, where coaches pair off their contestants and challenge them to out-sing the other in a sudden-death duet. Each coach invites a fellow musician for help as guest mentor, and also has the option to "steal" whatever performer is cast off by another team. Shak...
  • From Downton to Sherlock: US TV’s British Invasion
    2014-02-01 07:05:22 UTC

    Downton Abbey is smashing records and Doctor Who is filling convention centres in America. Why is TV from the UK so popular across the pond? Ken Tucker/ BBC reports. When the fourth series of Downton Abbey premiered in the US on 5 January to more than 10m viewers and a new ratings record, it was hardly a surprise. The previous succe...
  • Seth MacFarlane brings his love of science to TV
    2014-01-14 07:57:32 UTC

    PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Stewie likes science. Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy" and voice of Stewie on the animated Fox show, is bringing his love of space exploration to television. He's the executive producer of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," a 13-part series that will debut March 9 on Fox. It will also air on the National ...
  • Producers: 'American Idol' making changes
    2014-01-14 07:54:34 UTC

    PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — The producers of "American Idol" said Monday that the show's new season will include changes to freshen it, including expanded song choices for contestants. After tending toward a fair amount of golden oldies, the show's song list will add more current tunes that the young contestants can relate to, executive...
  • Downton Abbey season four: as beautifully British & baffling as ever
    2014-01-06 12:01:44 UTC

    <h3>Spoiler alert: This blog is for people watching Downton Abbey season four. Do not read on if you have not seen episode one.</h3> After three breathless seasons, any American with an enduring taste for Downton Abbey will get what they deserve in round four. That sounds bad but it is meant to be reassuring. The season premiere, wh...
  • 'The Voice' season 6: Shakira, Usher to return in 2014
    2013-12-18 07:57:26 UTC

    As speculated, Shakira and Usher will return as coaches on the NBC show "The Voice" for season 6 in spring 2014, once again replacing veteran stars Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green, the network confirmed on Tuesday, Dec. 17. The new season, with Shakira, Usher and veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, is set to premiere o...
  • 'Downton Abbeys don't grow on trees' : NBCU's Michael Edelstein
    2013-12-18 07:57:10 UTC

    Downton Abbey may seem a quintessentially English drama, yet it ultimately belongs to a US media giant. Carnival, the UK producer of Downton, Whitechapel and Dracula, is owned by NBC Universal (itself a subsidiary of US cable company Comcast), which also owns Made in Chelsea creators Monkey and other British production companies. Li...
  • Shelton, Bryan returning as hosts of ACM Awards
    2013-12-02 19:00:34 UTC

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are returning as hosts of the next year's Academy of Country Music Awards. The country music stars teamed up last year and things went so well they're coming back for the April 6 awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The academy also announced Monday that Florida Georgia Line will...
  • Palin's PAC asks about Bashir action
    2013-11-20 20:32:03 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin's political action committee has asked NBC News whether commentator Martin Bashir will be disciplined for comments about the former Alaska governor that the PAC called appalling. Bashir apologized Monday for suggesting that Palin be punished for a remark she made about slavery by having someone defecate i...
  • Underwood will star on live TV in 'Sound of Music'
    2013-10-23 08:53:46 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — The end of the year looks busy for Carrie Underwood, and she couldn't be happier. The six-time Grammy winning singer will host the Country Music Association Awards for the sixth time. You can see her every week singing the opening on Sunday Night Football. And for one night in December, she will star in a live televi...
  • Maher: Michele Bachmann & Scalia are 'The Same Idiot'
    2013-10-12 16:01:55 UTC

    Bill Maher had plenty of material to work with on "Real Time" Friday night, considering the fact that both Rep. Michele Bachmann and Justice Antonin Scalia publicly addressed their concerns about the end of days and the devil (respectively) in the same week. At the end of his "New Rules" segment, Maher took aim at Bachmann's recent ...
  • 'Glee' episode says goodbye to Monteith, Finn
    2013-10-10 02:09:15 UTC

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Other TV series have woven a cast member's death into an episode honoring them and their character. But "Glee" has an especially sensitive task. The Fox series will pay tribute Thursday to Cory Monteith, who was found dead in a Canadian hotel room in July of an accidental alcohol and drug overdose that ended his l...
  • Halle Berry to star in CBS series next summer
    2013-10-05 07:40:09 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — CBS says Halle Berry will star in a serialized drama coming to the network next summer. The Oscar-winning actress will headline "Extant," a 13-episode thriller. Berry will play an astronaut trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space. Her experiences lead to events that change the...
  • Emmys score with viewers, but so do dramas
    2013-09-24 23:49:51 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Television viewers tuned in to see TV stars celebrating each other but didn't ignore what else the medium had to offer. The Nielsen company said that on the same night that "Breaking Bad" won an Emmy Award for best drama, the penultimate episode of that AMC series set a viewership record. An estimated 6.6 million peo...
  • BBC’s Sian Williams Would Read News Naked, If Allowed
    2013-09-17 06:28:34 UTC

    Ah, Europe. With their laxer policies from everything from drinking to nudity, who wouldn’t want to live there? But it’s not all free-wheeling nudists Frenchmen all bicycles: BBC Breakfast host Sian Williams said she would read the news naked, if that’s what it get her out of paying over $9k in taxes that she was trying to write off as...
  • Kanye West unveils photo of baby on TV's 'Kris''s_daughter__kim_kardashian
    2013-08-25 15:48:49 UTC

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Baby North West has made her television debut. Kanye West showed a photo Friday of his 2-month-old daughter with Kim Kardashian on Kris Jenner's Fox show, "Kris." The family matriarch also posted an image of her granddaughter on Twitter. Though cameras constantly follow the Kardashian clan, this is the first ti...
  • Al-Jazeera America prepares for Tuesday launch
    2013-08-19 15:47:19 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — In a warren of offices at a former bank building near Madison Square Garden, dozens of journalists are at work on gleaming new electronic equipment, ready to turn their test runs of Al-Jazeera America into the real thing. The Qatar-based news organization will finally establish a firm foothold on American television ...
  • Lea Michele breaks silence after Monteith death
    2013-07-30 06:46:17 UTC

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lea Michele is breaking her silence online after her "Glee" co-star and real-life boyfriend Cory Monteith died of an overdose earlier this month. The actress posted a photo of her and Monteith on Twitter on Monday, along with a message thanking her followers for "helping me through this time with your enormous lov...
  • 'The Bachelorette' recap: The Blindside
    2013-07-30 05:46:29 UTC

    Ahoy, rose lovers! Welcome to "the television event of the summer"! And no, I'm not talking about Broadchurch -- but only because that starts next week. I'm talking instead about part one of the final leg of Desiree's "journey," which brings us to the island of Antigua, a.k.a. the perfect place to both fall in love and shoot a music vi...
  • 'Dexter' recap: This IS the Final Season, Right?
    2013-07-29 05:38:37 UTC

    The good news: We've escaped the muddled Brain Surgeon storyline! He's dead as Trinity after Sunday's "This Little Piggy" episode. The not-great news: The episode was otherwise pretty sleepy, and a new murder case was introduced that looks right out of a CBS murder-of-the-week crime procedural. So I'm going to say it: Five episodes i...
  • 'True Blood' recap: Death Watch
    2013-07-29 04:55:40 UTC

    True Blood has some surprises up its sleeve yet: The person who was the saddest this hour, Arlene, gave us one of the show's funniest scenes ever when she encountered Bill during daylight. Jessica still has her death wish, but she wants to go out with a vampire bang, so she had sex with James, who remains dreamy. And though we all susp...