• Both Chambers of US Congress Approve $1.9T Relief Bill
    2021-03-11 01:59:50 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A Congress riven along party lines approved the landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Wednesday, as President Joe Biden and Democrats claimed a major triumph on legislation marshaling the government’s spending might against twin pandemic and economic crises that have upended a nation. The House gave final con...
  • Meghan, Harry's Bombshell Revelation
    2021-03-08 03:35:19 UTC

    <p>LOS ANGELES (AP) &mdash; In a wide-ranging interview aired Sunday, Harry and Meghan described painful discussions about the color of their son&rsquo;s skin, losing royal protection and the intense pressures that led the Duchess of Sussex to contemplate suicide.</p><p>The interview with Oprah Winfrey was the couple&rsquo;s first sinc...
  • Trump's Money Man at Center of Criminal Probe
    2021-03-07 22:17:03 UTC

    (Reuters) - When lawyers asked Donald Trump more than a decade ago to identify who estimated values on some of his signature properties, he shrugged and pointed to his longtime accountant, Allen Weisselberg. “I think ultimately probably Mr. Weisselberg,” he said, testifying in 2007 in a defamation lawsuit he brought against a journa...
  • Facts & Questions: George Floyd’s Cause of Death
    2021-03-07 20:46:24 UTC

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis police officer was swiftly fired and charged with murder after bystander video showed him pressing his knee into George Floyd’s neck, ignoring the Black man’s cries that he couldn’t breathe. But even with that powerful footage, legal experts say the case isn’t a slam dunk. Jury selection begins Monda...
  • UK's Johnson Wants to Host Euro 2020, WM 2030
    2021-03-02 02:52:27 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is the “right time” for the United Kingdom and Ireland to launch a bid to host the 2030 soccer World Cup, while he added the country would also be willing to host extra Euro 2020 matches this year if required. “We are very, very keen to bring football home in 2030. I do...
  • Here Is Why Rush Limbaugh Was Most Important Individual Media Figure in U.S.
    2021-02-18 16:51:22 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — You didn’t have to like or even listen to Rush Limbaugh to be affected by what he did. Conservative talk radio wasn’t a genre before him. Without Limbaugh, it’s hard to imagine a Fox News Channel, or a President Donald Trump, or a media landscape defined by shouters of all stripes that both reflect and influence a st...
  • Facebook Shuts Down Its News Feeds in Australia
    2021-02-18 04:52:21 UTC

    <p>SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australians woke to empty news feeds on their Facebook Inc pages on Thursday after the social media giant blocked all media content in a surprise and dramatic escalation of a dispute with the government over paying for content.</p><p>The move was swiftly criticised by news producers, politicians and human rights a...
  • Decades Of Hate: Limbaugh Dead
    2021-02-18 16:39:51 UTC

    Rush Limbaugh, the talk radio host who ripped into liberals and laid waste to political correctness with a merry brand of malice that made him one of the most powerful voices on the American right, influencing the rightward push of conservatism and the rise of Donald Trump, died Wednesday. He was 70. Limbaugh said a year ago that h...
  • COVID-19: How Political Leaders Functioned as Superspreaders
    2021-02-15 21:57:57 UTC

    <p>Publisher: <a href="">Poone Bakhtiary</a></p><p><img src="" class="fr-fic fr-dii"></p><h2>Anatomy of a conspiracy: With COVID, China took leading role</h2><p><br></p><p>BRUSS...
  • Biden: This Sad Chapter In Our History Has Reminded Us That Democracy Is Fragile
    2021-02-14 06:57:56 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The end of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial opens a new chapter for his successor in the White House. But while President Joe Biden and his team are eager to move past the impeachment, the bitterly partisan tone of the proceedings underscores the deep challenges ahead as the president and his party...
  • US Senate To Wrap Trump's Impeachment Case
    2021-02-13 20:20:38 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats began wrapping up their impeachment case against Donald Trump on Saturday after a tumultuous morning in which they gave up a last-minute plan for witness testimony that could have significantly prolonged the trial and delayed a vote on whether the former president incited the deadly Capitol insurrectio...
  • EU Urges on China to reverse Its Ban on BBC
    2021-02-13 17:03:43 UTC

    (Reuters) - The European Union called on China to reverse its ban on the BBC World News television, the Associated Press reported here on Saturday. China barred Britain’s BBC World News from its television networks on Friday and Hong Kong’s public broadcaster said it would stop relaying BBC World Service radio, a week after Britain ...
  • UK Court: Nigerians Sue Shell After Years of Oil Spills in Niger Delta
    2021-02-14 06:07:34 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - The UK Supreme Court on Friday allowed a group of 42,500 Nigerian farmers and fishermen to sue Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) in English courts after years of oil spills in the Niger Delta contaminated land and groundwater. Senior judges said there was an arguable case that UK-domiciled Shell, one of the world’s biggest ...
  • Trump's Crimes Remain Fresh After His Presidency
    2021-02-13 02:17:43 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Chilling security video of last month’s deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, including of rioters searching menacingly for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence, has become a key exhibit in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial as lawmakers prosecuting the case wrap up their opening arguments for why...
  • Elon Musk Plans to Accept Bitcoin as Payment for Tesla Cars
    2021-02-08 18:51:53 UTC

    <p>SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) &mdash; Tesla has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and said it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon. The price of Bitcoin soared 15% to above $43,000 Monday.</p><p>The California-based electric car maker headed by Elon Musk revealed the new strategy in...
  • British Exports to EU Fall by 68% After Brexit Deal
    2021-02-07 17:55:29 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Exports from Britain to the European Union fell by 68% in January as trade was disrupted after the end of a transition period following Britain’s departure from the European Union, according to a trade body representing hauliers. The government did not confirm the data and said disruption at the border had been mi...
  • Iran’s FM Zarif Urges Washington to Return to Nuclear Deal
    2021-02-07 06:31:20 UTC

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran’s foreign minister urged Washington to act fast to return to the 2015 nuclear accord, pointing out that legislation passed by parliament forces the government to harden its nuclear stance if U.S. sanctions are not eased by Feb. 21. Mohammad Javad Zarif also referred to elections in Iran in June. If a hardline ...
  • Biden Suspends Trump's Asylum Agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
    2021-02-07 06:31:56 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Biden administration said on Saturday it was immediately suspending Trump-era asylum agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, part of a bid to undo his Republican predecessor’s hardline immigration policies. In a statement, State Department Secretary Antony Blinken said the United States had “s...
  • Rodgers Wins NFL MVP Award, Donald 2020 Top Defensive Player
    2021-02-07 05:42:20 UTC

    A pair of Aarons pulled off an NFL hat trick Saturday night. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earned his third Associated Press Most Valuable Player award, while Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald took his third top defensive player prize at NFL Honors. Also taking home awards were two members of the Washington Football Team: qu...
  • Biden: Erratic Trump Should Not Receive Classified Intel
    2021-02-06 06:51:58 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Friday that Donald Trump’s “erratic behavior” should prevent him from receiving classified intelligence briefings, a courtesy that historically has been granted to outgoing presidents. Asked in an interview with CBS News what he feared if Trump continued to receive the briefings, Biden said...
  • Christopher Plummer, Star of “The Sound of Music” Dies, He Was 91
    2021-02-07 06:35:18 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Christopher Plummer, the dashing award-winning actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film “The Sound of Music” and at 82 became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history, has died. He was 91. Plummer died Friday morning at his home in Connecticut with his wife, Elaine Taylor, by his side, said Lou Pitt, ...
  • US Ends Support of 5 Years Saudi-Led Offensive in Yemen
    2021-02-05 19:06:48 UTC

    President Joe Biden announced Thursday the United States was ending support for a grinding five-year Saudi-led military offensive in Yemen that has deepened suffering in the Arabian peninsula’s poorest country, calling the move part of restoring a U.S. emphasis on diplomacy, democracy and human rights. “The war has created a humanit...
  • U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 450,000
    2021-02-05 18:52:51 UTC

    Coronavirus deaths in the United States surpassed 450,000 on Thursday, and daily deaths remain stubbornly high at more than 3,000 a day, despite falling infections and the arrival of multiple vaccines. Infectious disease specialists expect deaths to start dropping soon, after new cases hit a peak right around the beginning of the ye...
  • US House Punishes Congresswoman for Spreading Hateful and Violent Conspiracy Theories
    2021-02-05 00:25:47 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A fiercely divided House tossed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off both her committees Thursday, an unprecedented punishment that Democrats said she’d earned by spreading hateful and violent conspiracy theories. Underscoring the political vise her inflammatory commentary has clamped her party into, nearly all Republic...
  • These Are the Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Life insurance
    2021-01-28 00:53:27 UTC

    According to nonprofit, 100 million Americans — more than 40% of the population — don't have an insurance policy that will provide for their loved ones should they die. Anthony Anderson, star of ABC's "Blackish" and spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness month, finds that statistic "staggering." Anderson, who g...