2020-01-28 18:44:45 UTC

    OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Survivors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp prayed and wept as they marked the 75th anniversary of its liberation, returning Monday to the place where they lost entire families and warning about the ominous growth of anti-Semitism and hatred in the world. “We have with us the last living survivors, the las...
  • Trump Plan Calls for Palestinian State, Settlement Freeze
    2020-01-28 18:37:35 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East peace plan Tuesday, calling for the creation of a State of Palestine with its capital in portions of east Jerusalem. He declared it a “win-win” opportunity for both Israel and the Palestinians. The plan ends speculation as to whether his administration, i...
  • Zelenskiy May Damage Ukraine’s International Standing
    2019-09-27 01:22:09 UTC

    KIEV (Reuters) - Opponents of Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday they were worried that the Ukrainian president’s criticism of European leaders in a call with Donald Trump could damage the country’s international standing. Zelenskiy, a former television comedian and political novice who was elected president in April, has been thr...
  • The Latest Allegation of Assault Against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
    2019-09-16 17:32:12 UTC

    Ms. Deborah Ramirez's claims against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh about an incident that happened while the two were at Yale University has been echoed in a previously unreported allegation about Kavanaugh shared by another Yale classmate. <blockquote><img alt="Kavanaugh_i_am_innocent_but_don&#x27;t_investigate_me" src...
  • Irish PM: We Need a Single Irish Economic Zone
    2019-09-08 18:15:51 UTC

    DUBLIN (Reuters) - Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar plans to discuss whether regulatory alignment between Ireland and Northern Ireland might form the basis of a Brexit deal when he meets British counterpart Boris Johnson on Monday. But Varadkar said a breakthrough was unlikely during Monday’s talks with the EU summit on Oct. 17-18 ...
  • UK's Johnson Loses Control
    2019-09-07 01:55:13 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - The British parliament voted on Wednesday to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal on Oct. 31, but rejected his first bid to call a snap election two weeks before the scheduled exit. After wresting control of the day’s parliamentary agenda from Johnson, the Ho...
  • Hurricane Dorian Shows We Are Losing the Fight Against Global Warming
    2021-12-22 19:25:23 UTC

    <p>As Hurricane Dorian churns its way through the Atlantic, we need to recognize that climate change can make any hurricane more intense and Category 5 hurricanes more likely. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, release carbon dioxide and methane into Earth&rsquo;s atmosphere. These gases trap heat, which means that...
  • US will "Enthusiastically Support a No-Deal Brexit"
    2019-08-12 19:04:58 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - The United States would enthusiastically support a no-deal Brexit if that is what the British government decided to do, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said on Monday during a visit to London aimed at reassuring Britain over UK-U.S. ties. Bolton told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that President D...
  • Ebola Virus: WHO Vaccinates Over 1,300 People in Goma
    2019-08-11 16:00:28 UTC

    GOMA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization said it has vaccinated over 1,300 people who potentially came into contact with the Ebola virus in the Congolese city of Goma, helping contain what many feared would be a rapid spread in an urban center. A year-long Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has killed at le...
  • No-Deal Brexit Would Cause Severe Damage to UK
    2019-07-29 03:42:16 UTC

    A no-deal Brexit would cause “severe” damage to UK businesses, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the lobby group, told BBC that quitting the EU without an agreement should be an option “that is not even considered”. Claims that firms are ready for a no-deal scenario are ...
  • Trump Is "Spewing Fascist Ideology"
    2019-07-18 18:51:16 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chants of “send her back” by supporters of President Donald Trump, attacking Somali-born U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, triggered a wave of concern among congressional Republicans on Thursday, while Omar said Trump was “spewing fascist ideology.” Alarmed that the inflammatory chant might become a theme of the...
  • Trump Stoking Hatred and Racism in Reelection Campaign
    2019-07-18 06:12:54 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump has placed racial animus at the center of his reelection campaign, and even some of his critics believe it could deliver him a second term. Every successful modern presidential campaign has been built on the notion of addition, winning over voters beyond core supporters. But Trump has chosen di...
  • Germany's Ursula Von Der Leyen to Lead EU Commission
    2019-07-16 23:35:25 UTC

    STRASBOURG (Reuters) - Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen secured European parliamentary approval on Tuesday to become the first female European Commission president on a platform of a greener, fairer and rule-based Europe. The German conservative got the thumbs up from socialist and liberal lawmakers which, together with the endorsemen...
  • Trump Slammed for Racist Attack on Congresswomen
    2019-07-14 23:11:34 UTC

    WASHINGTON - U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday told a group of mostly American-born Democratic congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” a comment that was condemned by Democrats as racist. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told reporters at an event in Iowa that Tr...
  • Never-Ending War
    2019-07-05 03:58:47 UTC

    Jalalabad, Afghanistan (AFP) -- Of all the sad, wrenching things I have seen as a journalist in Afghanistan, Niaz Bibi's house was probably one of the saddest. At the age of 70, Bibi has found herself as the main parent of some 40 kids -- the children of her three sons and three grandsons who had been killed by the Islamic State. Bi...
  • Drowned Man’s Mother Feels a Hole That “Nobody Can Fill”
    2019-06-26 18:04:49 UTC

    SAN MARTIN, El Salvador (AP) — The mother of a man who drowned alongside his 23-month-old daughter while trying to cross the Rio Grande into Texas says she feels a hole that “nobody can fill.” Rosa Ramírez says she begged Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez not to leave, and if he had to, to leave young Valeria with her. The two were ...
  • Shocking Images of Drowned Father-Daughter Highlights Migrants’ Deadly Journey
    2019-06-25 23:57:20 UTC

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — The man and his 23-month-old daughter lay face down in shallow water along the bank of the Rio Grande, his black shirt hiked up to his chest with the girl tucked inside. Her arm was draped around his neck suggesting she clung to him in her final moments. The searing photograph of the sad discovery of their bodies ...
  • Euro Hits Three-Month High Against US Dollar
    2019-06-24 04:00:44 UTC

    TOKYO (Reuters) - The euro rose to a three-month high against the dollar on Monday, as bearish bets on the U.S. currency remained solid on prospects of a near-term interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve. The euro stretched its rally last week, up 1.4%, and advanced about 0.15% to $1.1386 in early Asian trade, its highest since Mar...
  • 2 Finalists in UK Leadership Race Make Pitch to Tory Members
    2019-06-22 20:51:35 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — The two finalists in the race to lead Britain’s governing Conservative Party — and become the country’s new prime minister — made their first formal pitches to party members Saturday, both vowing to be the right man to deliver Brexit. Ex-foreign secretary and former London mayor Boris Johnson, the runaway favorite of T...
  • US Abruptly Calls Off Retaliation Strike Against Iran
    2019-06-21 05:39:58 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official said the military made preparations Thursday night for limited strikes on Iran in retaliation for the downing of a U.S. surveillance drone, but approval was abruptly withdrawn before the attacks were launched. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the operation publicly and spoke on condit...
  • California Governor Calls Treatment of Native Americans Genocide
    2019-06-19 05:57:07 UTC

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday apologized to Native Americans for violence and other wrongdoings they suffered during the state’s history and called their mistreatment genocide. The Democratic governor, in an executive order, called for the creation of a Truth and Healing Council to produce a rep...
  • US Weekly Jobless Claims Rise; Imported Inflation Weak
    2019-06-13 18:19:18 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose last week, which could add to concerns that the labor market was losing steam after job growth slowed sharply in May. Other data on Thursday showed import prices fell by the most in five months in May amid a broad decline i...
  • US Ranks Last in the world for Maternity Leave
    2019-06-13 18:25:15 UTC

    NEW YORK, 13 June 2019 — Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia and Portugal offer the best family-friendly policies among 31 rich countries with available data, according to a new UNICEF repot. Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom and Ireland rank the lowest. The United States is the only country included in the analysis with no nati...
  • Hunt for Shoppers: Luxury Brands Raising Stakes on Instagram
    2019-06-07 16:10:35 UTC

    PARIS (Reuters) - Big-spending luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are splashing out on everything from dance-fuelled fashion shows to teams of advisers as they target social media platforms in the hunt for young shoppers. Without the entry barriers of magazine advertising - where a one page glossy ad can cost...
  • Toyota Speeds Up Electric Vehicle Schedule
    2019-06-07 15:52:16 UTC

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp aims to get half of its global sales from electrified vehicles by 2025, five years ahead of schedule, and will tap Chinese battery makers to meet the accelerated global shift to electricity-powered cars. The change illustrates the breakneck growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market, which is tran...