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  • Scientists get clearer picture of breast cancer
    2016-05-05 04:27:26 UTC

    <h3><i>Scientists have developed a picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer. The largest study of its kind is a 'milestone' in terms of its potential to unlock new ways of treating and preventing the disease.</h3></i> Published in the international science magazine "Nature" the research unpicked practically all genetic...
  • San Francisco could be first U.S. city with fully paid parental leave
    2016-04-05 22:46:37 UTC

    San Francisco could become the first U.S. city to mandate fully paid parental leave, requiring employers to shoulder a substantial portion of the burden and far exceeding the benefits provided by California and other states and cities. If approved, the law would provide new parents working in the private sector with six weeks of lea...
  • Scientists: Treatment using immune cells to target cancer
    2016-02-16 19:05:19 UTC

    A therapy that retrains the body's immune system to fight cancer has provoked excitement after more than 90% of terminally ill patients reportedly went into remission. White blood cells were taken from patients with leukaemia, modified in the lab and then put back. But the data has not been published or reviewed and two patients are ...
  • Ohio House passes bill to deny funds to Planned Parenthood
    2016-02-11 09:43:06 UTC

    Ohio state legislators on Wednesday passed a bill blocking state and federal funds for groups that perform or promote abortions, effectively cutting $1.3 million annually used by Planned Parenthood clinics for HIV testing, pre-natal care and other programs. Governor John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate, is expected to si...
  • “Spermbot” that can help sperm swim better to eggs
    2016-01-18 22:35:23 UTC

    <H3><i>A team of German researchers has invented a “spermbot” that can help sperm swim better to improve couples’ fertility, according to a study published recently in the journal Nano Letters.</i><hr></h3> For the millions of American couples that struggle each year to conceive a child, most procedures, such as in vitro fertilizati...
  • Think your kids are kind because you’re religious? Think again..
    2016-07-17 14:38:04 UTC

    It’s pretty easy to think that your kids are automatically kind because you’re raising them in a religious home. After all, isn’t that partly what believing in God is all about? Being kind, being empathetic, sharing with others? Well, you might need to think again. According to a recently published international study from the Univ...
  • Jimmy Carter: 'Cancer is gone'
    2015-12-06 18:07:06 UTC

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter told a Sunday School class at his church in Georgia that his cancer was gone, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Sunday, citing a church member. “He said he got a scan this week and the cancer was gone,” Jill Stuckey, a member of Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, told the newspaper by p...
  • Processed Red Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says
    2015-10-26 17:18:54 UTC

    Processed Red Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says. Bacon, ham and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer, the World Health Organization has said, placing cured and processed meats in the same category as asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and tobacco. In addition, the WHO says red meats including beef, pork, veal and lamb ar...
  • Bayern Munich and Germany legend Gerd Muller has Alzheimer's
    2015-10-07 07:16:05 UTC

    Bayern Munich and Germany legend Gerd Muller has Alzheimer's. Bayern Munich and Germany legend Gerd Muller is receiving treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Nicknamed 'Der Bomber', Muller, 70 next month, scored 68 goals in 62 games for what was then West Germany, and netted over 650 goals in his club career. Alzheimer's disease is ...
  • What's behind women's longevity?
    2015-10-04 08:18:59 UTC

    <i><h3>All across the world, women enjoy longer lifespans. David Robson investigates the reasons why, and whether men can do anything about it.</i></h3> <strong><i>By David Robson</i></strong> As soon as I was born, I was already destined to die earlier than half the babies in my maternity ward – a curse that I can do little to a...
  • Salmonella outbreak: Cucumbers sold under the Andrew & Williamson, Limited Edition label kills one in the US
    2015-09-05 05:58:03 UTC

    <i><h4>Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce is voluntarily recalling all cucumbers sold under the Limited Edition label during the period from August 1, 2015 through September 3, 2015. Those who have eaten cucumbers are urged to see a doctor if they have severe diarrhea.</i></h4> (CNN) - A salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers g...
  • The life-saving secrets of smelly feet
    2015-07-31 06:40:42 UTC

    Cheesy feet aren’t just an embarrassment – understanding the stench could save lives. David Robson delves into the strange ecosystems between your toes. Renate Smallegange is something of a connoisseur of smelly feet – and she goes to surprising lengths to study their odours. Sometimes she’ll collect worn nylon socks that have becom...
  • Americans Support Administration on Obamacare - Poll
    2015-07-02 03:04:19 UTC

    Most Americans want the Supreme Court to side with the government when it decides whether the feds can continue subsidizing insurance premiums in all 50 states under President Barack Obama&apos;s health care law, according to polls in recent months. Few, however, have much confidence that the court can rule objectively in the case, ...
  • Channan Petrides, 22, forgoes heart, lung transplants to finish bucket list
    2015-07-02 02:54:52 UTC

    Channan Petrides, 22, is terminally ill and made the difficult but reasoned decision to turn down a chance to receive a new heart and lungs so that she could pursue the items on her bucket list. She has incurable cystic fibrosis and had been on a transplant list since September 2014. But she decided to remove herself because of the man...
  • Lung cancer therapy is 'milestone' - BBC
    2015-06-10 04:20:06 UTC

    A lung cancer therapy can more than double life expectancy in some patients, a &quot;milestone&quot; trial shows. Nivolumab stops cancerous cells hiding from the body&apos;s own defences, leaving the cancer vulnerable to attack. The results from 582 people, presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology, were described as...
  • 32% of Americans Believe Animals Should Have Same Rights as People
    2015-06-10 04:18:18 UTC

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Almost a third of Americans, 32%, believe animals should be given the same rights as people, while 62% say they deserve some protection but can still be used for the benefit of humans. The strong animal rights view is up from 2008 when 25% thought animals' rights should be on par with humans'. Very few Americans, ...
  • Referendum: Ireland says Yes to same-sex marriage
    2015-05-23 18:01:36 UTC

    Gay couples flocked to central Dublin to celebrate a "historic watershed" on Saturday as a large majority in the traditionally Catholic country voted to allow same-sex marriage, the culmination of a four-decade struggle for gay rights. Waving rainbow flags, embracing and crying, two thousand people gathered to watch the official res...
  • Petition by Ashton Kutcher - Stop Gender Stereotyping: Provide Universally Accessible Changing Tables in All Your Stores
    2015-04-02 17:40:08 UTC

    After Ashton Kutcher's Facebook lament about the lack of diaper changing tables in men's restrooms went viral, the actor decided to make a more proactive move. Kutcher teamed up with to create a petition asking Target and Costco to "provide universally accessible changing tables in their stores." Sharing the petition on his ...
  • Ted Cruz origin of birth story from Calgary
    2016-01-19 07:31:57 UTC

    <h3><i>Cruz’s family was more than happy to benefit from Canada’s universal health care system with a birth that could have cost them big money in the U.S.</i></h3> Is the fact that Ted Cruz was born in Calgary going to hamper his bid for the U.S. presidency? Reporter Bill Kaufmann from 'CALGARY SUN' looked into the issue more th...
  • Canadian school takes 21 students out of school as parents refuse to vaccinate them
    2015-03-13 15:54:25 UTC

    Public health officials in Quebec's Lanaudière region, where a measles outbreak has infected 119 people, got a vaccination campaign underway at a local school after learning that an infected child visited it recently. School and health officials said at a news conference late Thursday afternoon that 93 of the 114 unprotected student...
  • Vaccination skeptic offers cash for proof that measles is a virus; Court orders him to pay 100,000 euros
    2015-03-13 15:02:11 UTC

    Four years ago, a German biologist who thinks the measles are psychosomatic announced on his website that he would pay 100,000 euros ($106,300) to anyone who could prove measles is a virus. After Stefan Lanka made the offer, a German doctor named David Barden came forward with evidence from several different studies, but Lanka balke...
  • India doctors remove 232 teeth from boy's mouth
    2014-07-24 20:40:01 UTC

    Doctors in India have extracted 232 teeth from the mouth of a 17-year-old boy in a seven-hour operation. Ashik Gavai was brought in with a swelling in his right jaw, Dr Sunanda Dhiware, head of Mumbai's JJ Hospital's dental department, told the BBC. The teenager had been suffering for 18 months and travelled to the city from his ...
  • Bacteria in our guts can influence the working of the mind
    2014-06-18 06:20:59 UTC

    The bacteria in our guts can influence the working of the mind, says Frank Swain. So could they be upgraded to enhance brainpower? I have some startling news: you are not human. At least, by some counts. While you are indeed made up of billions of human cells working in remarkable concert, these are easily outnumbered by the bacteri...
  • We should follow a diet like cavepeople
    2014-06-18 06:14:35 UTC

    We know modern convenience food can be unhealthy for us, but is reverting to a prehistoric diet the answer? Claudia Hammond examines the evidence. They didn’t eat pizzas or curry. Not a single slice of cake would have passed their lips. They hunted animals for their meat, caught fish and collected nuts and berries from the forest. A...
  • World's oldest cat dies aged 24
    2014-06-11 17:21:17 UTC

    Poppy the cat, who was officially recognised as the world's oldest after making it to the age of 24, has died. The tortoiseshell was born in February 1990 and was officially recognised by Guinness World Records in May. Poppy, who has lived through five British prime ministers lived with her owners Jacqui West and her two sons Joe...