Updated at 2021-06-04 07:01:56 UTC

Instructions for therapeutic maternity massage.

Pregnant women today have the option of receiving pregnancy massage therapy regularly throughout all three trimesters, helping to ease their discomfort while preparing the body for the birthing process. Massage therapy during pregnancy is available from the same professional massage therapy clinics that offer reflexology massage therapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and Swedish massage. However, due to the complicated nature of pregnancy, there are more steps to follow for this massage modality.

A Dubai massage professional advised that before signing up for a pregnancy massage, a pregnant woman should obtain permission from her obstetrician. All contraindications to maternity massage therapy should be lifted.  Spa in Marina

The next thing, which is equally important, is to make sure that the masseur performing the procedure has been specifically trained in prenatal massage. It would be wise to request proof of qualifications and licenses.

Pregnant women are recommended

Pregnant women are recommended to avoid excessive heat. Therefore, massage therapy during pregnancy should not include hot stone massage therapy, body wraps, saunas, or electric blankets. Hydrotherapy that involves immersion in water can also be dangerous as the pregnant woman's cervix can also open and this should be avoided.

Leg and foot massage should only be performed by experienced masseurs who are also proficient in acupuncture. This is essential so that they know which parts of the leg and foot to avoid so as not to stimulate uterine spasms and cause premature labor. In most cases, these points are located near the heel, the web of the big toe, the ankle, and the knee.

While lying on the massage table, a pregnant woman should not be allowed to lie on her back. The weight of the uterus will put extra pressure on many veins, hampering blood flow to the heart and making her feel dizzy. In some cases, this could cause her to pass out. 

The pregnant woman should not be allowed to lie on her back

It is also recommended that she not lie on her stomach on a massage table with her stomach trimmed. Gravity can potentially pull the uterus downward, causing undue stress on the tissues that attach it to the sacrum, according to a Dubai massage expert.

The number one position for a pregnant woman during maternity massage is lying on her left side, leaning forward at a forty-five-degree angle. This position is the same as the typical first aid position. Specially cut cushions and pillows are almost always provided to support the woman.  Body Massage in Naif

For maternity massage, even more than for other types of massage therapy, it is important to ensure that you have the services of a highly qualified and particularly competent masseuse from a reputable therapeutic massage center.