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Kneading: one of the gestures of Swedish massage

Kneading: one of the gestures of Swedish massage

The name kneading is derived from the word kneading which means "to knead" and is the name used for the deeper actions of the tissues, which follow after the muscles and body tissues are warmed up and relaxed by the strokes. 

This element of the process involves applying deep pressure to muscles and other tissues using kneading, skin rolling, twisting, lifting, and squeezing techniques. All of these techniques are most often practiced using the base of the palm and padded tips at the fingertips and thumbs in fleshy areas such as the calves, hips, thighs, and shoulders. Kneading should not be used on the face. Massage Center in Al Satwa

In many ways, this part of the massage process is more like what you would do if you were kneading dough into bread. Exactly the same way you roll, lift, pinch, and squeeze bread dough, you do the same with your partner's meat, always remembering not to overdo it or cause him pain. Light kneading works on the top layer of your muscles, while firmer kneading works on deeper muscles by breaking down congested tissue, improving your digestive system, and helping to flush out built-up toxins and wastes.

You can work any muscle

You can work any muscle or group of muscles at any time with firm vertical movements with the muscle without breaking contact, which strengthens the body and stimulates deep tissue, which in turn increases blood circulation and the lymphatic system. 

Remember to always lift all the muscle rather than just the skin, completely between the fingers and thumbs, using the whole hand, to avoid pinching the receptor. Work in continuous action, squeezing and relaxing the muscle and alternating your hands.

Kneading should be a rhythmic kneading of the fleshy muscle by molding the fingers around the fabric, manipulating it continuously by lifting, rolling, and pressing movements, without breaking contact with the body. Body Massage in Dubai Investment Park

The therapeutic benefits of kneading are:

· Fresh nutrients are introduced into the muscle as the blood flow increases.

Muscle tone is improved as fat tissue is broken down

Helps release toxins from deeper muscle tissue

Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

After a massage including kneading movements, you will feel revitalized, your muscle tone will improve and all the systems in your body will work more efficiently.