Let Catlycat Provide You Some Tips On Selecting The Best Cat Harness For Your Pet!

Updated at 2021-06-14 06:32:19 UTC

As a pet lover, growing a cat should be a stress-reliever instead of being another nuisance. However, there are times when they can be unruly and uncontrollable. CatlyCat, a website that gives tips on how to take care of cats properly, believes that a cat harness is essential during these circumstances:

  • Strolling outside for exercise can impose risks like car accidents and getting chased by predatory animals.

  • When traveling by car, besides a litter box for small spaces, a cat harness is also necessary when buckling up the cat into the car seat.

  • Natural disasters are inevitable, and when they happen, cats may get scared and anxious. It is significant to have a harness for them to keep them from running away.

Besides the Cat Spraying No More program and cat tree for large cats, a harness is a must-have no matter how well-trained the cat is. Here are some tips from CatlyCat that a cat owner must keep in mind when choosing the best cat harness out of many variations in the market.

Try Starting with a Kitten Harness

Besides kitten teething toys, buying a harness for kittens is also a must, allowing them to get used to wearing one. There are various options for adult cats, where harnesses for puppies are also an alternative. However, there are only limited selections for kittens as they are more delicate. Kittens also grow gradually, so it is necessary to buy a new harness every few months to avoid making them uncomfortable. 

What are the cat harness types available?

There are two major cat harness styles: the H and vest style. An H harness is consists of four loops; one loop for the head and neck of the cat, another one for its front legs, and another two for its back. Meanwhile, vest/jacket/holster harnesses consist of more materials to form a tiny vest for the cat. It has four holes when worn; one for the cat's head, another one for its body, and the last two is for its legs in front. Both H and vest harnesses are convertible and have one metal ring where the leash is attachable.

Make Sure the Harness Accurately Fits

Owners must ensure that the cat's body fits the harness to stop the cat from wiggling out. To do so, put one finger between the strap and see if the cat is comfortable. Otherwise, the harness might be loose or tight. Keep in mind measuring the cat's dimensions to get the correct size chart as per harness manufacturers.

Choosing the proper harness for a cat depends on the cat's shape, age, and preferences. Like choosing cat food for older cats, owners should also thoroughly select the best cat harness. It must keep the feline comfortable and safe at the same time. Do not settle for aesthetic purposes only and try to hit two birds in one stone. For instance, buy cat harnesses with multiple closure layers and nighttime reflective strips. Consider desensitizing the buckle or Velcro's sound by diverting their attention before putting the harness on to avoid scaring the cat. Visit cat websites like CatlyCat and acquire more information about the dos and don'ts in growing cats.