Updated at 2021-09-16 06:54:34 UTC

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying a Used Rolex Watch From a Shop

Rolex Buyer's Guide: Checklist When Buying a Rolex Watch - Millenary Watches

A good watch is similar to a beautiful painting in that it's a significant investment that grows in value over time. It's a literal work of art. It exudes class, and, unfortunately, if it's worth anything, there are many people out there trying to make fakes. When it comes to traditional and contemporary watches, few would deny that Rolex is the undisputed monarch. However, while making such a large purchase, it's critical to know what to look for so you don't end up with a dud. The following is a beginner's guide to purchasing a used Rolex watch.

Be Prepared for an Extensive Search

Unfortunately for you, for every used Rolex watch on the market, there are at least twice as many fakes emerging from every back alley and mass production plant on the planet. You should expect to search far and wide, as well as high and low, to locate the right one for you. You'll have to sift through a sea of imposters and con artists, and if you find one that is authentic, you'll have to scrutinize it thoroughly.

If you're looking for a used Rolex, you should go into it knowing that the journey is just as important as the purchase.

Choose the Right Model

Rolex watches come in several editions, and deciding which one is right for you is entirely a matter of taste. It's crucial to remember that no two Rolex watches are alike, but they're all stunning.

There are Sea Dwellers, with their Oyster straps and remarkable underwater capabilities—the most recent Sea Dwellers, can dive to 3,900 meters! The legendary Submariners, with their extraordinary toughness, or the extremely rare oyster quartz. Even the Datejust family, which is widely regarded as the forefathers of modern watches and a plethora of others.

Each of these stunning timepieces is a Rolex, but they come in a variety of price points, features. They are constructed for specific purposes, giving them personalities as distinct as their owners.

Tips to Look For Fakes

Detecting a fake Rolex is, for the most part, straightforward. However, there are some high-quality knock-offs on the market, as there are with most fakes. Thankfully, only a Rolex can be a Rolex at the end of the day. In your search to buy a Rolex watch in Weston, keep the following in mind:

  • Ticking: The vast majority of Rolex watches use extremely high-quality mechanical movements known for their smoothness. Although Rolex watches technically "tick," they do so at a rate of four to six times per second, giving the impression that they are sliding. However, if you're looking at a Rolex that ticks every second with quartz movements, there's a 98 percent chance it's a fake.
  • Serial Numbers: In creating a Rolex, no detail is ignored, including the stamping of the serial number. Fine details, like a diamond-cut edge, will be found on authentic Rolex watches. A fake watch's serials appear to be as cheap as the rest of the watch. They either have a low-cost stamp, a low-quality acid etching, or nothing at all. This is a no-brainer.

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