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What Does the Spider Vein Treatment Cost?

When the capillaries in your nose, face, and legs get stressed, it can cause tiny rips in the vessel wall. In the affected areas, these rips slowly leak small amounts of blood which leave small blue or purple streaks. You can call these streaks spider veins. 

What are the different shapes of spider veins?

In deciding the extent of vein treatment, knowing the different shapes of spider veins can help you that you must use. A skincare treatment will be applied to your skin and the shapes of your spider veins can influence the way of the skin. 

You have a linear shape firstly because most linear spider veins can be seen on the inner legs and knees. In a particular area as the name implies linear spider veins are a collection of small straight spider veins. That they are much smaller and finer except they look similar to small red stretch marks. 


You may develop branch-like spider veins secondly. You have branch-like spider veins if you see spider veins that look very much like tree branches or a deer’s antlers. This is why you may need a wider application of spider vein treatment Houston. On the upper thighs, the shape of spider veins can usually be seen. 

Your spider veins may exist true to their name lastly meaning in spider-like shapes. You see a web-like collection of reddish, purplish, or bluish protruding blood vessels if you look at your feet, then you are looking at spider-like shapes of spider veins. The reason why spider veins are called as such is this particular shape in fact. 

What are the treatments for spider veins?

There are many ways of the spider vein treatment near me Houston. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages but they all work. The four main ways to treat spider veins are here:


  1.  Laser treatment- To break up clotted blood and seal rips in the capillaries, it uses concentrated beams of light in this kind of spider vein treatment
  1.  Creams and Lotions- They are expensive but work very well. You may also look for creams with high concentrations of Vitamin K. 
  1.  Sclerotherapy- To flush out pooled blood and heal vessel walls this minor surgery uses a saline solution. 
  1.  Diet and Exercise- A balanced diet and regular exercise can help control spider veins and you won’t need any kind of vein treatment Houston. Otherwise being overweight can lead to spider veins. 

What is the cost of treatment?

  • The cost of sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment near me is between $200 to $400 per visit. It is painful but it doesn’t take very long. There is a chance that they will return if you have this treatment. 
  • The cost of Laser vein treatment near me is around $350 to $500 per visit and they are also painful. Within 2 years they often return but this procedure works. 
  • Depending on your gym membership and buying food, diet and exercise can be expensive. Some people can control it with this method by spending around $250 a month and most people cannot. 

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