Updated at 2021-09-24 10:39:25 UTC

What does embroidery digitizing mean?

While in normal embroidery on consistent fabrics it can be omitted, embroidery digitizing service it becomes necessary and indispensable to stop all those materials that cannot be hooped such as velvet for example, and in those cases where the fabric is not so large as to cover the entire area of the chassis.

A practical example is when we happen to have to embroider a ribbon which obviously does not have sufficient width to be hooped as with normal fabric; then proceed by hooping only the support stabilizer and gluing

the tape to the stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive. Once our design is centered, we will have the possibility to easily embroider the ribbon.

Embroidery Service Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidery Service Embroidered Polo Shirts is to create patterns by using embroidery floss on fabric to make it elegant and beautiful, usually embroidered on polo shirts and shirts with thick fabric Embroidery is a vector logo image or letter. embroidery design Characteristics of stitching and yarn Must be consistent with logo and size. To make the lines and patterns come out to the customers the most.

Embroidery work on T-Shirt uses state-of-the-art machinery. That can guarantee that your work will get good quality work.

  • Whether a company shirt Printed t-shirts, staff shirts, group shirts, model shirts, team shirts, embroidery digitizing, camp shirts, screened shirts, ordination shirts,      student shirts, club shirts or will make shirts for sale Polo shirt embroidered INDY T-Shirt Name embroidery shop, Embroidery shop, Hat embroidery shop, Polo shop, Embroidery shop, polo we are ready to serve including various types of screens as well And if you want to embroider a polo shirt, whether it is embroidered with a logo. Embroidered uniforms, name embroidery, hat embroidery, or another shirt embroidery must come to INDY T-Shirt with guaranteed quality embroidery. Meet your needs to meet every customer's needs. Guaranteed fast work You can order a minimum of 50 pieces.

Why embroider with us?

T-Shirt supports good embroidery quality. Our embroidery is done using the latest machine embroidery threads. and can handle a large number of jobs and fast embroidery. By embroidery, often embroidered with polo shirts, men's polo shirts, women's polo shirts blue polo shirt white polo shirt black polo shirt And you can embroider your name, embroider hats, and embroider other shirts as well. Characteristics of stitching and yarn Must be consistent with logo and size. To make the silk threads and patterns come out to meet the needs as much as possible.

On the market, we find various types of yarn for polyester or cotton, online embroidery digitizing, more or less thin, sold in two types of packaging: in the classic bobbin from which the bobbins are then obtained or in pre-spooled bobbins both of thread only and with cardboard container.