Updated at 2021-09-24 10:53:50 UTC

Reasons to buy Mahasudarshan Vati

At a time when all countries are struggling to fight the epidemic caused by the virus called Coronavirus, there are reasons to help strengthen the immunity system and fortify your resistance power. Since Ayurveda has the answers to wellbeing-related issues, it is time to delve deep into one amazing product called Mahasudarshan Vati, made by Baidyanath, India’s premier and one of the oldest Ayurvedic manufacturing brands.

About Mahasudarshan Vati

Commonly known as Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati, the medicine acts universally across Tridosha  - namely Vata, Pitta, and Kalpa. The main purpose of consuming this medication is to tackle fever-causing microbes.


Harad, Baheda, Amla, Kateri Chhoti, Haldi, Daru haldi, kachoor, Sonth, Kateri Badi, kali mirch, papal, murva, piplamool, kutki, mulethi, javasa, pitpapra, amongst many other ingredients.


One of the basic purposes of using Mahasudarshan Vati is to empower the body and fortify its natural defense system. The medicine is usually used for creating strong resistance to various harmful micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria. Thus, an Ayurvedic doctor will advise you to have this medicine when you are suffering from fever.  In ancient times, this medication effectively fought viral infections like the common cold, flu, influenza, viral fever etc. Today, physicians advise the medicine even during swine flu. Another use of the medicine is that it removes toxins from the body naturally.

When to start using this Ayurvedic Medicine?

When you start having cold, cough, or fever symptoms, you can start consuming the tablets. However, as with other medicines, it is always best to first visit an expert Ayurvedic doctor before consuming the medicine. You could be suffering from other diseases or symptoms that only a learned physician can interpret and advise accordingly.

Usage direction

The usage direction is mentioned on the packaging. It is best to read all instructions carefully before using them. Visiting a doctor is also advisable. The typical dosage includes one or two tablets that should be taken two times daily. Ensure that you take the medicines only after your meals. It is best not to gulp the medicines simply – rather, use water or milk to consume them.

Mahasudarshan Vati is an effective Ayurvedic medicine.  However, you should never consume more than the advised number of pills. Also, you need to make sure that the medicine is kept out of the bounds of kids. Lastly, it is a good practice to consult with a licensed physician first, and before starting, you must make it a habit to read the packaging information carefully.