Updated at 2021-09-24 11:00:04 UTC

4 Occasions to Surprise Your Fiancé Without Surprising Others

Love is an expression that should be celebrated and shown. If you’re engaged, you should make your fiancé aware of your existence and that you care. Things like these are important for a healthy relationship and better understanding. At times, it is not preferable in many families to let the to-be couple meet. Even then, it won’t be harmful if you send gifts online in Lahore on special occasions like on their birthday, on achievement, on a festival, etc. Sending gifts online is the best option as you won’t have to meet them, and not everyone in your family would know that. But the person, who should know, will know. There are many ways to show love and care through indirect ways so that you remain in your grace, but convey your true feelings too, and that’s attractive also. In this blog, you would know how to surprise your fiancé without making everyone aware. Also, on what occasions it is a nice gesture to put some effort. Efforts are always beautiful, but not every time, the efforts should be made.

1. If they are ill or having a hard time

If your fiancé is not well or some issues are going on at their end that you’re aware of, you should make them realize they are not alone, and they have your back. The best way is to get a greeting card and gifts or flowers. The greeting card should be related to the situation, for example, if they are not well, it should be something more like a ‘get well soon card. This way they will know how supportive and caring you are and of course, they will try the same.

2. If they have achieved something

On their achievement, you should congratulate them even if it’s something very little. So that they know, you believe in them and you are not only there on the big successes, but you will celebrate their smallest of accomplishments too. You can send them a small gift and a card, congratulating them. It should show you’re happy with their success and not you want something from them. A gift can be a mug or wall art. You can find many gift shops that have beautiful mugs printing in Lahore and you can choose from them. 

3. On an event or festival

If there is a special occasion, you need to send a gift; making them realize your presence. The gift can be according to the event or it can be anything convenient for you at that moment. You can simply send chocolates and a greeting card too. If you want it to be a little more special, you can get something for their room like a wall hanging or a wall frame, etc. Or you can go with something that comes in regular use, for example, a mug, a wallet, or a keychain, etc. The best gift shops will have beautiful designs of mugs printing in Lahore with fast delivery.

4. On their birthday

Most people do not celebrate birthdays. If your fiancé is one of them, don’t make it something big, but do send a gift. Something that they would love and that would remind them of you every time. You can send gifts online in Lahore from any gift shop that has good services.