Updated at 2021-09-24 11:36:02 UTC

How A Travel CRM Can Help You Manage Multiple Packages And Itineraries From A Single Dashboard?

We all know that traveling is a very fun and popular venture. Everyone loves to travel and people become excited when they get to see new places. Due to the large number of people traveling from one destination to another, the travel companies are making a lot of profit in this business. The number of tourists increases during the time of holidays. Keeping track of this many people is hard for an organization. The travel agencies prepare a lot of packages and do hours of work so that their client can enjoy their vacation peacefully. From travel reservations to booking places of interest, a travel agency does everything.

Why use a Travel CRM

The complexity of running a travel business is known to the world. There are a lot of tasks and processes to be done for your client so that they can maintain a good relationship with you. To make this thing possible Best Travel CRM software has been developed which performs all the functions related to your travel business in just a few moments. This tool will perform the following things for you:

1. Enquiries

2. Bookings

3. Itineraries

4. Tariff

5. Reports

Now let's see how to handle multiple packages and Itineraries with Travel CRM:

1. Reach out to more inquiries:

Travel agents work very hard so that company can make good profits. Any decrease in the number of customers can increase the problems of the company. To maintain the number of customers there is one method every organization should apply and that is reaching more people and getting more inquiries, this will increase the chances of lead. But to handle this much number of inquiries, you should opt for the best Travel CRM software. This tool makes it easier to handle all the leads and manages all the inquiries.

2. Make sure to convert inquiries into bookings

A Travel CRM is the best tool for converting incoming leads into bookings. This tool has a single dashboard for all the inquiries that are coming from multiple platforms such as emails, calls, social media, and many more. And with the help of the inbuild mailing system, you can reply to your customers without any hassle. This increases the chances of bookings by the clients.

3. Try to build attentive Itineraries

After confirming the booking of the customer you can make different itineraries for different customers. Making a travel itinerary in TRAVCRM is very easy. There are two options available in TRAVCRM- first is Auto Itinerary/proposal Creation and the other one is master management which allows you to upload information of Fleet, Driver, Currency, Pictures and manage rate list with excel sheet upload. This will make your customer journey easy and organized.

4. Handle the pricing and the tariff

There are many functions available in the TRAVCRM by which you can figure out profit, cost, fees of the agents, taxes, discounts, and many more. Some of the best options for performing such types of tasks are- Payment Requisition, Auto Generate Invoice, etc.

5. Generate multiple reports

There are many reports templates available in the TRAVEL CRM software which helps in making different types of reports which you can send to the customer and it also helps in tracking the profit/loss of the company. Some examples of reports are- Daily Movement Chart, Driver Duty Report, User wise Productivity Report, Pending Payment.


The Best Travel CRM software always performs the most complicated tasks without consuming a lot of time which is very helpful for your travel business. Connect with the best CRM development company in India that is none other than De Box Global Solution and get one of the best Travel CRM Software for your business now.