Updated at 2021-09-24 12:13:19 UTC

What are the Best Platforms to Run PPC Ads?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a crucial element of Digital Marketing. It is a model where advertisers pay a fee to the publisher when their advertisement is clicked. It is a great way to earn revenues and attract traffic to one’s website, service, event, page, campaign, etc. Generally, platforms like search engines and social networking sites offer the PPC service. There are other platforms too which offer advertisers to run PPC advertisements. PPC can offer boundless reach to potential customers and can lead to an increase in profits too! The main thing is to select an appropriate platform to run PPC ads that can help you in achieving your digital marketing goals. You can also take suggestions from a digital marketing agency regarding this. This article lists the best platforms to run PPC advertisements. Without any further ado, let’s get started.  

1. Google Ads –

Google ads are one of the most sorted, simplest, and popular platforms that can help in the display of advertisements on various pages of Google. Billions of searches take place on Google daily and users keep visiting Google’s search engine, websites available on it, its other products, etc.

Advertising through Google Ads will help your company or website reach these many potential customers who belong to different demographics, gender, culture, etc. Targeting customers through Google ads becomes easy and a wide approach because the advertisements appear not only on Google search engine results page (SERP) but also on Google Display Network and Google’s products like Google Play, Google Maps, etc. Google Ads can be in form of a text, picture, or video.

2. Instagram Ads –

Nowadays almost everyone has an active account and uses Instagram as a social media networking site. People love to scroll through the reels and posts. Advertisements on Instagram are displayed between the posts. As people scroll, they may see a relevant advertisement. If teenagers, youths, and millennials are the target customers, then there is no better place than Instagram. Also, if a user likes and is inclined towards your service then he/she may also start following your page. Basically, Instagram ads are not just for attracting potential customers towards the brand but they can help in lead generation as well. Instagram ads can either be displayed in the feed of a user or a common ad style can be used. Also, ads can be featured on stories of the company’s account. People find photos and short videos quite attractive on Instagram and hence, they can be used for a perfect PPC strategy. Carousel and collection sort of advertisements can also be used.

3. AdRoll

AdRoll is an AI-based software that uses retargeting as its main superpower. It is useful for businesses that sell products online, e-commerce websites can best utilize the AdRoll platform. This platform targets customers through various strategies and multiple channels. AdRoll runs its ads across channels like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. 

It uses strategies like personalized ad targeting, email targeting, dynamic ads according to the channel, etc. AdRoll is one of the best platforms to target and retarget customers through e-commerce websites. With all these advantages and lucrative services, it is to be kept in mind that AdRoll charges quite hefty subscription fees. 


After going through the analysis of the common search engine, social networking site, and an alternative PPC advertisement platform you must have got an idea that which PPC ad platform would be better for your business according to your targeted customers and marketing goals. You may test these platforms and come up with the right platform that gives you the best results as compared to others. For instance, if Instagram ads give you the best results that mean social media platform would be a better suit for your business and you should use more of it for PPC advertisements. If you are still confused, you can always reach out to a digital marketing agency that can help you with all your doubts regarding PPC advertisements and digital marketing.