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Means of sending the parcel via Mailer Boxes

Means of sending the parcel

There are hardly a few items in the market that comes without packaging otherwise packaging is the most important factor of marketing that becomes the essential part of every item. Every company wants that their consignment to arrive at its place in good condition. Now in this age of technology where e-commerce is widely spreading, the need for Custom Mailer Boxes is also increased because this industry is full of such kinds of businesses, where sending or shipping the products at faraway places is their daily routine.

Sometimes companies have to pack sensitive items like mirrors, glassware, and ornaments, etc. so, such sensitive and dedicated products should be packed in dedicated and robust packaging. however, printing brand names and logos are also essential for the recognition of the brand. if you are just putting things in simple cardboard boxes how can the other persons identify that from which brand it belongs? So, customized mailer boxes are the best option for all these needs.

The other important use of mailer boxes is that sometimes there is a need to send the official documents to other places. So, to send your confidential documents safe and sound at its place special zipper mailer boxes are also available.

Mailer boxes should have some of these features to reach the parcel safe at its destination:

Appropriate size according to inside products:

Whenever manufacturing companies send the products, they use some Cushion Material for the safety of the product. So, the size of the box should be appropriate which should leave some space, approximately three inches, for that cushioning material like:

•Paper wraps

•Cushion Material

•Air pillows

•Bubble sheets

These materials keep the product fully secure from all kinds of damage during shipping. Another advantage of using insertion in these mailer boxes is that it provides the grip to the inside product and maintains its shape and it decreases the chances of spoilage. So, these boxes with insertion are very much beneficial for the packaging and safer for the delivery of the products at their destination.

Use brand name and logo for identity:

Mailer boxes should also use the best printing and the right color scheme. Printing the brand name and logo is quite essential for the White Shipping Boxes so that the receiver knows clearly where it comes from. It is very important for the identification of the brand. However, printing the logo and brand name gives the professional look and leaves a positive impression on the receiver.

Manufacturing material:

Cardboard is the best packaging material for the mailer boxes that is sturdy and durable. It keeps the product safe from all kinds of damage. Besides this corrugated is also the most used material for the mailer boxes. the reason for using these is that they are high-strengthen material.

Corrugated material comes with different flutes. You can select the flutes according to the need of your product safety. To make it sturdier you can use multi-flutes. These are covered by two plain liner boards.

Eco-friendly packaging:

Whenever you use packaging, you should take care of the environment and make it confirm that either the material that you are using is safe for the community. It should be nature friendly and does not affect the environment badly. This quality is present in both corrugated and cardboard as these are not just eco-friendly but also can be recycled easily.

Labeling of the mailer boxes:

Labeling is the most important factor of the white boxes when it has to send to far places. it is easy to label that would facilitate the management. You can label the bar codes or numbers that help you to maintain the proper record of the dispatched products. Cardboard and corrugated boxes can be printed with bar codes that can help you in shipping.

 Interlocking Flaps of Mailer Boxes to Extend the Strength:

As these boxes are used to send the products to distinct places, so there are more chances of opening the box during the shipping. to provide extra strength and security to the boxes we are suing interlock flaps. It ensures that the packaging is fully closed and can’t be opened easily. Sometimes this extra seal is required to close the boxes tightly.

Use for sensitive items:

These mailer boxes are mostly used for the shipping of fragile and sensitive items. our professional makes the mailer boxes sturdy by using multi-layers of cardboard and corrugated material that enhance the strength of the packaging and keep the items safe from damage. Using multilayers will provide strength and strong covering around the sensitive products.


The price of the mailer boxes should be affordable, if you increase the prices your item automatically becomes expensive and people may not afford them and leave that product. so should choose pocket-friendly material that will save your investment and give you maximum profit.

However, the quality should also be high. There are many companies providing quality mailer boxes but ICB provides you the benefit of low prices and high quality at a time that no other is providing.

It is proved from the above discussion that mailer boxes are the best option for the shipping of the products or anything. And it will also overcome the chances of damaging the products while shipping. However, by keeping in mind the all above mentioned factors you can make the best mailer boxes that are an excellent option for safe delivery.

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