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Complete Process of making shoes

Complete Process of making shoes (from raw materials to a packed shoe in the box)

Who’s there without shoes? It is one of the primary needs of everyone’s life. Shoes are not just accessories but the need of every person. Everyone wants to wear comfortable and branded shoes so that they can walk with grace. Shoes go through a different process before reaching you in the cool packed Custom Shoe Boxes. Though the packaging is also an important process itself before packaging shoes goes through this process:

1. First of all, companies select the design and style of the shoe which they want to manufacture.

2. Send step of manufacturing the shoes is selecting the material like leather.

3. Then experts cut the leather in the perfect shape, for the sole and upper part of the shoes.

4. The next step is assembling the upper parts by punching and stitching.

5. Then assemble the upper part with the sole by stitching

6. And the last and most important part in manufacturing the shoes is the finishing, experts polish the shoes and give a shiny and smooth finishing to the shoes.

7. After the manufacturing, the next step is the packaging of the shoe boxes.  

Shoe packaging:

Now the important work starts, presenting the product in the market is not an easy task. This is the real test for any brand to present its products, not just present but make it stood in the market. There are thousands of brands in the market so the main thing that can make you different from others is your packaging. Being different is the most important factor to make your identity in the market.

Best quality packaging for your best product:

Choosing the material is the first and the most important step in the packaging of the Cardboard Shoe Boxes. Cardboard is the most using and best material for shoe packaging. It is sturdy and durable and delivers the product safe and sound at its destination. Besides these companies also use corrugated material for the packaging. These materials are not just sturdy but also safe for the environment as they are eco-friendly and also recyclable.

These are cost-effective that make your product economical for the people. Companies always try to choose that material which gives them maximum benefits. So, these are the best option for the packaging from all perspectives like these are reliable and durable enough to protect the product, and also safe for the environment.

Size and style of the shoe boxes:

The second step of the packaging is to select the size of the boxes. Your packaging should be stunning like your product. Whenever you choose the style of the shoe boxes it should be appealing. There are an immense variety of shoeboxes like:

1 2 3 auto bottom boxes

Two-pieces shoeboxes

Sleeve and try boxes

Besides these, there is an unbeatable variety of shoeboxes that you can choose according to too your product need and your desire.

The size of the box matters a lot in the packaging. As everyone wants preciously fit shoes to their feet similarly the size of these shoes should also be appropriate. The size of the box should not be so big that the shoes strike with the walls and not so small that they press and ruin the shape. Choosing the size of the box is the same thing as we choose the shoe, the perfect size for our feet.

 Enhance your Brand Growth through Packaging:

Packaging protects your product from cracking and all other types of damage. Besides protection, it plays another significant role. You can advertise your brand through it. Quality packaging associate with high-quality products. Every brand should be loyal to their customers and try to keep maintain their trust in you. This is possible when you provide them the quality things.

Have you ever thought, if you are receiving your order with fragile packaging what do you feel like? Of course, not good. The same thing happens with others, no one wants to receive an order with damaged packaging. Seeing your favorite thing in damaging condition will ruin your mood, and you must stop purchasing things from that brand.

So, in marketing, the packaging plays a vital role, make it your brand identity so that people trust you and prefer to buy your products.  

Stunning printing designs to grasp the customers’ attention:

Printing is one of the most important factors in the packaging without this packaging is incomplete. There are thousands of products in the market and printing is the main thing that make them different from each other. Think what you feel like if you are putting all the things just in simple cardboard boxes. It will be difficult to choose and differentiate between the products. So, to make your product different from others on the shelves of the retailer shop printing is the main factor.

Cool printing is not just used to grasp people’s attention but also is the best way of advertising the brand. You can print your brand name and logo on the white boxes so that people can know that which brand of shoe they are wearing. Brands choose the printing colors according to their brand theme. Choosing a sensible color scheme is also great work that you can do by taking the help of our experts. Our professionals help you to choose the best printing designs that can help you to attract your target audience. CMYK and PMS are the most common color schemes/technology that can be used in printing.

Different brands use different printing technologies like 2D, 3D, and digital printing. It's up to the clients which printing technology they want to use for their shoeboxes.

Where you can get these shoeboxes:

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