What is a hotel booking management system?

Updated at 2021-10-26 18:42:08 UTC

Housekeeping software for hotels can reduce paperwork and improve services' efficiency by working in sync with the front desk. Effective housekeeping software features an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that can display the updated information status of rooms. These dashboards often appear systematic as they are organized in a neat tabular format. To ensure seamless flow of works across rooms, it comes with click controls and simple points. Besides, this software allows you to divide responsibilities and authority among your staff. This software helps you assign rooms to the housekeeping staff as per the number of floors or blocks to manage work delegation. You can manage your housekeeping staff list by removing the existing ones or adding a new one at any point in time with this software.

Leverage this software's effectiveness to send customize messages (place a flower bouquet in a special guest's room) to your employees or assign tasks. It allows you to assign repair and maintenance tasks to staff across various departments. With the advent of this software, it is easy to avoid duplication of work. This software makes preparing the daily list of housekeeping work easy to print and distribute between the staff.  Besides, to avoid further confusion, the task can be assigned using options to sort and filter rooms based on status, floors, and blocks.

Hotel management software is a  must-have for every hotelier as this software can encourage online bookings. Easy In keeping is renowned software that covers a range of hotel management tasks such as marketing online, online reservations, and completion of transactions with the help of a point-of-sale system. Users of this software choose to integrate these features within an all-in-one suite that helps manage basic front desk operations and reservations. Most of this hotel management software comes with prebuilt report templates and centralized channel management.

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