Updated at 2021-10-27 07:16:27 UTC

A Short Guide On Rabbit Breeding Cages

If you are an experienced raiser or a beginner with assistance, breeding rabbits could be something you have considered. It is fundamental to have a solid understanding of rabbit care and health and a wish to produce rabbits for show, meat, or fiber. 

Starting a breeding program, or at least trying it out, could be a fantastic decision! This article offers information that will enable you to breed your rabbits and which type of Rabbit Breeding Cages you can use.

Why Use a Breeding Cage?

Even if your rabbit is toilet trained and your house is rabbit-proofed, a cage will serve as a secure haven or nest for the rabbit to return to when it needs to relax.

Similarly, having cages gives your breeding rabbits a safe space to interact. Keeping them separate will also ensure that your rabbits do not overbreed, allowing breeders to perform selective breeding.

What Type of Cage Should You Use?

Even with very small spacing, wire floors can be painful for your rabbit to walk on and cause hock sores. This could make breeding difficult, discouraging your rabbits. As a result, it is preferable to get a cage without wire floors.

For traction, grass/sisal mats are also a good option for solid-floored cages. Fleece blankets are also available. Carpet or towel scraps can also be used as mats, as long as your rabbit doesn't unravel them and eat them.

Use the Male's Cage for Breeding

The issue of location is always crucial, but it is more so with rabbits. Make sure the female rabbit is taken to the male rabbit's cage. Male rabbits are fiercely protective of their territory. They will seek to assert their control if you put them in an unfamiliar situation. If mating is possible in his region, the male rabbit will focus more on the task at hand.

Sexually mature females are likewise fiercely territorial, and a male who enters her territory unexpectedly can suffer serious consequences. It only helps if you have the proper gear. A front-opening wire cage with all-wire construction allows for easy access and monitoring.

The Mating Process

She will lift her tail for him if she is receptive. It's a positive sign when the male finishes his job and falls off the female onto his side. 

It's best to get her out of there after this has happened. Although some males are more aggressive than others, they rarely harm their mates. 

If this does not occur within a minute or two of them being together, and they appear to be getting along, you can leave the female in there for a few minutes to watch what happens.

Where to Get a Good Cage?

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Whether you're a veteran breeder or have a newly found passion for rabbit breeding, All Things Bunnies could be the answer to all your Stacking Cage needs.