Updated at 2021-10-27 09:50:08 UTC

How To Maintain and Repair Farmall 560 Tractor

One of the scariest and most financially straining situations for any farmer is when their Farmall tractor breaks down. While tractors usually work around the clock and for hours on end, there may come a time when they break down. And if you want your tractor to last for as long as possible, regular maintenance is required. This article will help you with tips so that you don't have to look for Farmall 560 tractor parts

Check engine issues

The Farmall 560 is a popular tractor, but it's also prone to some issues. If you own one or are considering purchasing one, you should know how to identify common problems and what you can do about them.

If the engine has been started immediately after being shut down, the intake may be flooded with raw gas. If this happens, the first thing to do is turn off the key and let the engine idle for five minutes. This allows excess raw gas to leave the carburetor. After that period, restarting should not cause further problems with starting or running rough.

With the new tractors, it's hard to get a mechanic, so you have to do many of the repairs yourself.

Repair only if you have the knowledge

Maintaining and repairing the Farmall 560 Tractor requires skill and experience. If inexperienced people perform the repair task, then it can cause more damage than good. Repairing Farmall 560 Tractor involves disassembling and assembling the machine and needs special knowledge of technical aspects of this complex machine.


Always keep an eye out for leaks or other issues with hydraulic fluid or gas pressure in the tank. If you see any irregularities, take care of them immediately. Keep up with oil changes and grease jobs when needed. The engine oil change is one of the most essential tasks when it comes to maintaining the overall condition of the tractor. Get ready with a drain pan, 22 quarts of engine oil, funnel, wrenches and tack cloth rags. You'll need to change the engine oil at least once per year, or every 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first. 

Air pressure check

Check the air pressure in all four tires, preferably once a week. Make sure that the tires are inflated adequately and if not, inflate them accordingly. Check for any damage, such as cuts or punctures on the sidewalls or treads of the tire. If you find any such damage, get it repaired right away because this could pose serious trouble later, resulting in accidents and injuries to people working with it

Closing thoughts

Farmall 560 Tractor is a heavy-duty machine and is designed to work on farms. It is used for various purposes such as ploughing, cultivating, tilling, mowing and so on. It is a high-performance tractor with some advanced features compared to other models of the Farmall series and is a fan favorite because Farmall 560 tractor parts are available in the market too.

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