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Tips to Improve Your Win Rate

Pokerlauncher provides the best tips to improve your win rate while playing online poker in India. There are many poker sites in India where you can get acquainted with the game. However, unlike other card games, poker is a sport of equal parts smarts and skill. You need to know how to double down on your win and keep your losses to a bare minimum. Timing and precision mean everything in this game.

Although many of the tips and tricks of the trade can be honed over time, there are a few best practices that can help you improve your win rates. In this blog, we will present you with a few tips based on extensive research that can help you to improve your poker ratings and your chances of winning.

Here’s what they are:

1. Read the Room

2. Play on a verified platform

3. Mix-it-up

4. Limit Multi-Tabling

5. Effective Bluffing

Read the Room

When you are playing Indian Poker online, it is a good practice to know your opponent well. Even if you are not the best player in the game, try and find a table where you’re able to assess the competency and skill level of those at the table. Observe and analyze every move of your opponent and keep an eye for any patterns. By playing cautiously, you have greater chances of improving your poker ratings and will get better at the game. If you end up at a table with players of superior skill and experience than you, it is better to quit than ruin your win rate.

Play on a Verified Platform

India is new to Poker, and there are limited Poker sites in India. However, finding yourself a good website that has a good mix of new as well as experienced players can be a challenge. Moreover, it is crucial that you also check out all the bonuses and campaigns offered by sites that make up the industry for Indian Poker online. Each game site will have different benefits which you can avail to maximize your profits and minimize any losses. Rigged games are also a huge issue among poker sites in India, and they can significantly affect your poker ratings. So choose your website carefully and reap the benefits.

One such site for poker games is Pokerlauncher. Being India’s leading platform for online Poker, the site offers cashback, Rakeback, signup bonus, and deposit bonus. As India’s first aggregator that brings all leading poker rooms under one platform, Pokerlauncher is a technology service/product that ensures that Poker playing online is profitable and safe for all players.


Yes, Poker is a game of chance to a certain extent. However, the skill that a player uses also greatly contributes to determining one’s poker ratings. You never want the other players to read your moves effortlessly. Hence, the best way to play is to switch between aggressive and loose games. Playing in an unpredictable way by switching poker tables or poker rooms quickly after banking your profits is considered a good ploy. Also, with time, as you continue playing Indian Poker online you will be able to understand how each player reacts to your playing style and respond accordingly.

Switching up your playing strategy constantly and consistently will keep your opponents on their toes.

Limit Multi-Tabling

Multi-Tabling is a technique that is used extensively in Indian Poker online across multiple poker sites in India. It is the practice of playing in multiple tables at once to improve your poker ratings and also increase profit over time. Even experienced players know that by limiting the number of tables they play at, the chances of winning increase as players are able to concentrate better and provide undivided attention to one table.

Sure, once you are experienced and confident enough that you can handle the pressure of playing multiple tables at once, go for it. It is advisable, however, to start with playing limited tables and gain better poker ratings.

Effective Bluffing

Bluffing in Poker is an excellent strategy to better win rates, albeit one that must be employed with caution. However, you must keep in mind that it is not an easy task to do and does not always guarantee results.

One must be extremely good with bluffing in order to get better poker ratings. An instance of bluffing interjecting two instances of value bets is a good strategy to trick your opponents and improve your win rate. Also, keep in mind that you are not the only one who knows the trick of bluffing, so catching your opponent’s bluff will also enable you to win the game quicker. The best method to detect a bluff is to observe your opponent’s playing style and spot anything unusual about it. In this manner, effective bluffing and sensing bluffs will let you win games quickly and easily.


We hope that these tips have helped you to understand the different ways you can improve your poker ratings in the game and improve your skill as a player. Whether you are new to Poker, or an expert at the game, you can make use of the knowledge that you can gain from articles like this and make use of them when playing. When used at the right time in the right place, these strategies can significantly assist you in your gameplay and make you proficient in the game. Ultimately, it is the skill, focus, and luck to a certain extent that helps players win in Indian poker online games.

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