How does the bariatric surgery cost ranges in 2021

Updated at 2021-11-04 18:58:04 UTC

Not in every case, cutting your diet and exercise proves to be the best way to lose weight. Mentioning this, it is vital to note that obesity is related to many other life-threatening conditions such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Hence, obesity has been recognized as a deadly disease. Alarmingly, approximately 58.1% of Pakistan’s population is suffering from obesity. Another alarming fact is the awareness ratio about the condition. It is a very less-known fact that only cutting diet and exercise cannot always work. Hence, laparoscopic and bariatric surgery has shown a new ray of hope to obese people. However, bariatric surgery cost remains the main concern for patients.

Hence, here is a brief review of the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan during 2021. There are types of bariatric surgery, and the type of treatment solely depends upon the condition of the patient. Furthermore, the treatment costs vary a bit depending upon the materials used. Bariatric surgery is much about disposable staplers, which are used to cut down the stomach’s size. Further costs are due to anesthesia, hospital management, and other related equipment. 

Lastly, the other major factor is the surgeon. According to a rough estimate, only the equipment costs about 2.5 lac. Consequently, the general treatment costs range from 1.5 lac to 6.5 lac. There are limited options for laparoscopy and bariatric surgery in Pakistan. Therefore, be wary of your choice. Let’s discover what costs how much!

Bariatric surgery in Pakistan   

We shall be taking notes on bariatric surgery cost in Pakistan concerning the type of surgery.

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