How is the technology used in the study process?

Updated at 2021-11-13 10:09:05 UTC

The medical industry is involved in research to give detailed reports of various complications in the human body. The reports help identify certain diseases, and thereby, the patient is likely to get the appropriate treatment to get rid of the disease. In most cases, the DNA arrangements study helps the physicians rectify the disorder in human beings. For that purpose, several laboratory tests are done, and the result is obtained. 

Research process

The most common disorder in today’s generation is infertility, and it is because of DNA fragmentand it occurs as a result of lifestyle modifications and changing food habits. All these factors affect the DNA arrangements of the cells and result in various abnormalities. 

The causes for fragmentation are identified in the labs, and it helps in curing the abnormalities of the affected person. The fragments are separated by a method called gel electroscopes, and it is done based on the size of DNA molecules. Apart from the diagnosis process, the process is done for research studies by scientists to get detailed information. 

Study of RNA

Scientists perform various researches to study RNA by a method called in vitro transcriptionand it helps in 

  • RNA production systems
  • Nuclear extracts
  • Ribonucleotides
  • Cloning vectors
  • Supporting factors for transcription
  • Primer extension
  • Gene expression studies

The procedure is carried out in the labs, and the researchers can synthesis the RNA and try to introduce several modifications to produce a better transcript. 

The medical industry is developed so that complicated researches are now possible by using technical development. The research results help find the conclusions for various factors and help invent proper remedies by the synthesis process. 

The changes in the cell composition are the major cause of diseases in the human body, and the studies will help clarify the cell theory to a greater extent.