4 Tactics to Design Attention-Grabbing Business Card Boxes

Updated at 2021-11-26 09:28:55 UTC

4 Tactics to Design Attention-Grabbing Business Card Boxes:

Business cards play the role of identity cards of the company. These business cards are the best tool to promote the brand. Business cards are the easy and best way to give your business contact to your customers, and it is also easy for them to keep it in their wallets and pocket. These cards are approximately used by every company and brand. For many new customers, it’s the first interaction with your company through business cards. Business Card Boxes are the easy way to keep your cards safe and in a well-organized manner on the table of your office.

Custom business card boxes are the best solution to keep the cards safe from crumbling and damaging during unattended handling. You do not need to scatter your business cards on the table. If you are a brand organizer, a company owner, and a businessman it is the best chance for you to keep your cards gracefully in an organized manner and give a beautiful look to your tabletop. Here are four important rules to design business card boxes:

Use Quality Material and Keep Your Cards Secure:

No one wants to leave a bad impression on the others by giving the crumbled cards. The safety of the cards is possible by using premium quality material, that can protect the cards from all kinds of damage like moisture and other environmental factors. You can opt for cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper to design secure Games Boxes for cards and also for the environment. These are not just sturdy and reliable but also safe for the land. Their recycling nature makes them cost-effective. There is no restriction in choosing the material.

We assure you to give the best quality at the minimum rates, that no other company is providing in the market. The thick fluted texture of the material gives strong protection to the cards. The best thing about these materials is that they are best for all kinds of printings. Do not take it as a minor thing. You can show your business quality through these boxes and attract maximum clients.

Design is the Most Important:

The design of the boxes should be attention-grabbing. So that, people who visit your office attract towards it and become curious to know more about you. You can have a variety of boxes styles. For organizing your cards gracefully, we are offering an unbeatable variety of boxes. A little glimpse of the variety of Custom Cardboard Boxes that we are offering is given below:

Front tuck

Reverse tuck

Straight tuck

Tray and sleeve boxes

1 2 3 auto bottom boxes

Not just these, you can have many more styles. You can have a die-cut with a PVC sheet in the box that helps to keep the cards, and the other person can see the most essential part of your card through the die-cut without touching it. Numerous die-cut options are available from which you can choose any of your choices.

Choose the Precise Size:

Select the precise size that can hold the cards properly. Avoid damaging and crumbling the cards while taking them off from the small boxes, or if you are using the large boxes, it would be difficult to assemble the cards, and cards may disperse. For selecting the accurate size, you can take the help of our experts. 

Make it Appealing:

To grab the attention of the people by using the boxes is not an easy task. Printing is one of the important factors that can make the boxes appealing and tempting. But the question is that which technique can be used for it? The solution is that you should consult with professionals who can help to choose the best printing techniques that suit your boxes according to your need. Here are some techniques that can make the boxes appealing. 

Attention-grabbing color scheme: Any business or brand must have a color scheme to define them. Your color choice can give a message to your clients. If you are using the right color scheme, it will spread a positive impact on your brand, but the wrong color scheme can give an awkward look to your tabletop. Colors are also used as a symbol like black is the symbol of strength and power, green symbolizes nature, stability, growth, and prosperity. Always choose the right color scheme so that you can spread a positive message. CMYK and PMS are the most using printing techniques for this purpose.

Choose the Best Typography:

When you choose the design for typography on the boxes, make sure that it would be convenient for the people to read. You can have many techniques for typography, such as embossing, debossing, raised ink, and foiling (silver and gold). These techniques make your brand name and logo prominent. You can also print the boxes like your card by using advanced printing, for example, 2D/3D printing, offset printing, and digital printing.

In the end, you can give a smooth finishing to the boxes by using growth Glossy and Matt finishing. You can also have a UV spot. These all features combined make the packaging perfect.

Why we are the best? We are a well-reputed and well-known name in the industry who earn the trust of national and international clients with its quality and best rates. Our team of experts is always here to support you and design the best packaging boxes for you. You can buy bulk Business card boxes from us in any size and your desired design with a window die-cut or logo. You can have a free sample before ordering in bulk and make any alteration in it according to your choice. It will save your money and also keep you away from any miscommunication. Avail of the services of high-quality printing and innovative ideas. We care about our clients, and it’s the reason we do not charge even a single penny for the shipping. You can also have a free quote on your boxes. Let us help you to enhance your tabletop beauty with stunning and mesmerizing boxes.