Why choose a smart car parking system?

Updated at 2021-11-27 08:34:13 UTC

With increasing, the population number of people owning cars has also increased tremendously. This brings with it the need for parking.  Drivers often spend a lot of time looking for a parking space in the city. This, however, is improving with the implementation of smart solutions.

The introduction of a smart car parking system has several benefits attached to it. Smart parking systems offer solutions for urban mobility which is the need of the hour. Researchers have shown that with the usage of this technology traffic volume has reduced by 8%, gas emissions by 40%, kilometers travelled to park by 30% and time spent in parking by 43%. This is of extreme benefit for people moving across the city in their cars. 

Benefits of smart car parking system

  • Detectors for vehicles - This system includes sensor systems including dual-channel loop detectors, ultrasonic vehicle presence sensors. These detect if the parking space is free or not. These identify if a parking garage will provide an accurate location or not.
  • Detecting parking spots - these sensors in the car park ticket system detect available spaces and therefore facilitate the task for drivers looking for vacant spots which are of special benefit in closed areas.
  • Manage mobility – this system is absolutely accurate to manage the growing mobility of developed and populated metropolitan cities. 
  • Cost-effective ad payment benefits – along with making the process easy, the car park ticket system is also affordable. It also includes e payment methods which make parking far easier and provide more structured data to income streams.
  • Environment-friendly - Smart Parking reduces the time taken and the hassle of locating an available parking space. The driver is accurately directed to an available space which has several environmental benefits. It decreases CO2 emissions, noise and other pollutants. 
  • Real-Time information – Smart Parking provides rich data sets that can be used to identify trends, peak times and metrics that can be used in reporting.
  • Reduced Traffic - When a driver knows exactly where they need to go they do not unnecessarily move around and therefore optimise traffic flows in built-up regions.

Besides, there are many other benefits associated with smart car parking systems which is why people across the globe are switching to it from traditional parking methods. This use of technology is definitely beneficial and must be incorporated especially in busy areas.