Tips to Convert Flash To HTML5 Courses

Updated at 2021-11-30 09:58:13 UTC

Over the years, most of the eLearning courses were compliant with Flash software. That is why in the current scenario, much Flash-based content is switching to HTML5 and relevant software. Besides, few of the Java supported eLearning courses are also switching to HTML5. Remember, HTML5 is useful for making courses for different technology needs and screens with different sizes.

Even it not only supports one operating system but plenty of others too. That is why companies are converting all Flash-based content. However, doing the same might be a technical challenge for a few companies. Below are a few essential tips that help in converting courses from Flash to HTML5.

How to Convert Flash To HTML5 courses

  1. Material compilation

First, companies or L&D professionals must audit eLearning courses and compile all relevant content that is required for the conversion. This includes multimedia content, supporting files, and all kinds of modules. Even it should have navigation buttons an interactive GUI. While copying files for conversion, do not hinder or manipulate courses interfaces.

  1. Do multiple testing

Every product before launching has to go through a testing session. Hence, check whether converted courses are running smoothly or not. Multiple testing is the best solution that helps developers in highlighting and rectifying technical errors. Suppose there would be captioning issues in the content. Hence, companies can avail of special education services as well.

  1. Use rapid authoring tools

Finally, Converting eLearning courses from Flash to HTML5 is a time-consuming process. So, it is important for companies to leverage such tools that accomplish this task in no time. Hence, rapid authoring tools are the best answer to do so. Furthermore, advanced rapid authoring tools support mobile compatibility, content and instructional design updates, and multilingual translations.

Besides, they can save time and cost cuts. No matter whether the in-house team or outsourced team is doing it, rapid authoring tools ensure a flawless conversion.