Updated at 2020-10-29 08:35:02 UTC

Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success

It doesn't matter how you work or what kind of business you do, it's important to be productive. If you do not have the tools to implement them, but the techniques and strategies are not enough. Fortunately, there is an app for that!

Here are 21 apps that are guaranteed to increase your productivity, accountability and success:

1. Attitude

There are so many project management apps out there, while Asana is one of my favorites. After setting up, you can use this application to reduce internal emails, assign tasks and check the status of your projects through the central dashboard.


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2. Venmo

If you need to send payments quickly and securely, this is your application. Venmo is an excellent option for solutions like PenPal as there is no form to fill out and no fee to pay.

3. Travel

Tracking trips are important - not only for organizational purposes, but also for expenses and tax returns. TripIT manages to store all important information in one place.

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Disruption is a big challenge for most business owners, but it can be avoided. If you enjoy listening to music while working, don't forget to check out Focus @ Will, an app featuring playlists dedicated to improving attention and creativity while bowling.

5. UberConference

Conference calls can be made and missed on the go, but not with Uber calls. This app lets you view the LinkedIn profile of attendees and record your meetings so you don't miss out on any important issues.

6. Evergreen

Evernote is the most versatile note taking and storage application available and can be accessed from any device. With a cloud-based application, you can archive, edit, and tag documents for easy organization.

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Then whether you make occasional payments or need to combine frequent work and travel, Square is an app that can.

8. Manufacturer

Delegation is an important part of business success, big or small in your team. Productive is a powerful task management program that makes it easy for other team members to assign tasks and hold them accountable.

9. Flipboard

With Flipboard, it's easy to stay up to date on news and industry changes. Stop wasting time switching between dozens of different websites - this app brings your favorite feeds together.