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Updated at 2018-01-29 22:08:53 UTC

Out-gone First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, has allegedly filed for divorce from her 93-year-old husband Robert Mugabe after he was ousted as the President, according to a report on Zimbabwe Today.


Grace Mugabe has been married to former president Robert Mugabe for 21 years.

The relationship between the duo started when with an affair between Mugabe and Grace who was working as a secretary in his office while he was still married to his late first wife, Sally Hayfron,

They eventually got married four years later when his wife, the former First Lady, died in 1992 after suffering from kidney failure. Grace remained First Lady for 21 years until he husband was ousted last month.

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According to sources close to the Mugabe family, Grace Mugabe has filed for divorce.

The South African born woman has reportedly voiced concerns over her role as the former First Lady of Zimbabwe, claiming that it’s about time she enjoys some peaceful life.

She reportedly said she is not prepared to be ridiculed for the years ahead and that her ostracism and her husband’s resignation as the leader of Zimbabwe have gradually grown into a life-threatening headache.

A family source told Zimbabwe Today:

“She’s been very upset ever since Mugabe gave up to hand over power to his ousted Vice-president. She wanted a role as a First Lady, not as a woman who acts as subordinate. She is also not prepared to leave her luxurious lifestyle to live in a home of captivity. She thinks that the decor is despicable and beyond repair.”

Judiciary spokesman, Lawrence Brown has confirmed divorce proceedings were in motion and if both parties agree, they could go their separate ways in about a month.

Meanwhile, the former Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe, was said to have made a shocking divorce threat during negotiations that led to her husband’s resignation.

Sources close to the couple confirmed that she openly told Mugabe that she would file for divorce after the ousted nonagenarian leader wept uncontrollably saying he misses late wife Sally Hayfron and late son Nhamodzenyika.

The South African born former typist and ex-wife of airforce officer Stanely Goreraza angrily voiced concerns over her marriage after Mugabe reportedly offered to trade her in order to retain power.

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“She’s been very upset ever since and has been losing a lot of weight,” said a woman close to the family. “She thinks she has been betrayed by her husband and their marriage beyond repair.”

Mugabe agreed to step down after negotiations with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) which were mediated by Roman Catholic Priest, Father Fidelis Mukonori, among other people.

As part of the deal to step down, Mugabe was granted immunity for any crimes that he may have been committed while he was in office. Mugabe was also guaranteed that his family would be allowed to retain all its assets. Mugabe said that he wants to die in Zimbabwe and that he does not wish to go into exile.