Updated at 2020-11-04 10:50:57 UTC

Make Appealing Custom Packaging Boxes

Product packaging can be creatively created and literally offers infinitely different ways to display your products in front of consumers. If you are going to launch a new product or in the process of branding or rebranding, then you need to pay great attention to details of product packaging designing. A premium custom packaging plays a crucial role to make or break your product and brand.

Packaging is the first impression of the product, and probably the only thing a consumer interacts with a product! If the packaging sells well, the product inside and the brand it represents is always the same story. The following hints if implemented properly will show you remarkable results.

Unique & Appealing Designs

Packaging is simply like the face of the product and the brand. And we humans judge people by their faces. So you cannot overstate the importance of innovative designs that make the appearance of the product packaging look awesome. Make your packaging easily stand out from the crowded shelf. 

A study indicates that an average man can provide an attention span of up to 7 seconds, which is the time duration a consumer takes to make his/her purchase decision in front of the market shelve. So your product has to impress the consumer during that precious but short period. And it’s the packaging that needs to complete that mission.

The more delightful and good looking a product is, the more chances there are that it would catch on.

Superb Unboxing Experience

Today people are paying more attention to unboxing experience! The pleasant feeling one feels the moment he unwrap a gift packaging box! So designers should not get stuck in the protection function alone, but also keep in mind how to aesthetically please the buyer from outside to inside of the packaging. In this sense, packaging design is actually an art. It should be supposed to fully satisfy the senses of the person who opens it. 

Simple Not Necessarily Shabby

As product packaging is receiving more and more attention, many manufacturers seem to do the design for the sake of design. This is literally a huge mistake that many designers would make! They would obsessively build  a design that they assume to be creative and pile up unnecessary features. That’s over-designing! They simply strip the procedure away from the real needs of their target audience. Such packaging boxes would no doubt end up a failure. 

If no idea, then dig deep into your target consumers to learn their real wants and needs! If no imagination, better leave it blank than scribbling up. Actually, a creative and appealing packaging does not necessarily be complicated. Think of Apple’s iPhone packaging. Simple design can also make great packaging. The key is to learn about your consumers and think about your cultural values…

These strategies for branding can be utilized with different intensities for custom-made plastic boxes also. The branding is a process when done the right way can be turned into a phenomenon that can take your business to heights that you cannot ever imagine.