Sleep-Deprived? Here's How Honey Can Help You

Updated at 2022-01-06 05:55:40 UTC

If you wake up with brain fog and feel that 8 hours of sleep is not sufficient for you, a spoonful of honey just before you sleep will be useful for you. 

The brain uses the midnight hours to upgrade your memory with new information and tosses all the crap into the garbage. Honey provides a little bit of sugar that your brain can use at night, and you can wake up feeling recharged and refreshed. Fascinating, isn't it? Before you buy honey for health, here's more about how honey supports a healthy good night’s sleep.

Eases Midnight Hunger Pangs

If you frequently get hunger pangs at midnight and reach out for snacks, eating a spoonful of honey before bed will be useful for you. In the time between your meal and going to sleep, the body uses up a lot of energizing carbohydrates or glycogen you have accumulated from the dinner. Manuka Honey replenishes the glycogen and helps your body to stay asleep all night.

Honey Boosts The Repairing Functions Of Your Brain 

Sugar or glucose is the prime source of energy for your brain. Eating honey before sleep will fuel your brain to repair itself while you sleep. 

Assists In Melatonin Production 

Honey helps your body to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is essential for sleep. Honey raises your insulin levels lightly, thereby allowing tryptone, the amino acid responsible for melatonin production, to enter the brain. 


Therefore, put a spoonful of honey in your mug of chamomile tea, slather it on a cookie or simply have it directly from the spoon. Best Manuka honey also has a host of antioxidants, vitamins, and antibiotic elements to support your health. So, get a bottle today for sound sleep and good health.