Palmistry Hand Statue in Kenya

Updated at 2022-01-18 11:55:42 UTC

Palmistry Hand Statue in Kenya is the ancient science that originated in India and has spread throughout the world with time to help people all over by guiding them in the most favorable direction to achieve various goals in their lives. We are able to do this by extracting information from lines and unique features on the human palm, the human palm has various major lines which indicate features such as life expectancy of the individual, their fate, struggles that they will face, favorable planets governing their lives, planets and influences causing negative effects in their life, indicators that reveal the number of children one can have, conditions of childbirth, health ailments, prosperity, ego, their mental stability, ability to learn more and grow in life and so much more can be analyzed and interpreted from just the palm. Palmistry can be classified into Chiromancy (prediction of a person's future, present and past from interpreting the lines on the palms of their hands; it is the art of divination and predicting the future).