Why A Graphite Electrode Is A Great Option

Updated at 2022-01-18 12:03:33 UTC

If you need to reduce electrode creation time and quicker EDM times, you can use graphite electrodes. With the development of technology, more than seventy per cent of EDM devices users choose graphite electrodes. If you need to buy an affordable graphite electrode, you can choose a trustworthy electrode supplier. They offer special discounts on bulk orders that help you save more funds. It is mostly utilized for several applications like refining furnaces, industrial silicon, steel-making electric arc furnaces, yellow phosphorus, and other furnaces, which produce a higher temperature. There are many reasons for using graphite electrodes. Let’s see why!

  • Quick processing speed 

it is simple to process and has a fast processing speed when compared to the copper electrode. The milling technology for graphite processing is three times faster than metal processing. Besides, it doesn’t need manual processing, but the copper electrode wants manual deterrence. When high-speed graphite machines are used to construct electrodes, you can have high efficiency, quick speed and no dust issue at the same time. 

  • Unique design

The graphite electrode design is different from other electrodes. Many mold manufacturers have different allowances for the finishing of other electrodes, but the graphite electrode utilizes similar allowances. Therefore, it helps to reduce the machine processing and several CAM or CAD. The graphite electrode supplier is committed to offering high-quality product to the punter at a minimum price. 

  • Simple processing 

Raising the transformation of product application and difficulty of mould geometries can lead to higher requirements for releasing spark equipment accuracy. The major benefit of using this element is hassle-free processing and less loss of graphite. In addition, it offers a high electrical discharge machining removal rate. So spark machine users switch to graphite because of this reason.