Updated at 2020-11-19 05:21:21 UTC

Half Fish Half Frog (The Unequal Hybrid Conjoined Twins)

First I have to tell you that I can imagine that look on your face at the first sight on the topic (half fish half frog). To a normal individual out there, it sounds so unnatural,so strange and unbelievable. To you right now who will keep wondering how on earth this is possible. Asking how did this happen? What exactly went wrong? Questions like how many different animals might have crossed to produce such offspring. I have asked myself such questions too and I am here to tell you that the half fish half frog does exist! 

This absurd unique creature as some of you may call it, was discovered in 2016 by the New Zealand scientists from the deep sea. At the time,it was referred to as a fish with legs. The reporter believed it to be a bizarre kind of hybrid between a frog and a fish.Moreover, these strange creatures died as soon as they were taken out of their habitats (water). At first sight, anyone who saw the unique creature classified it as frogfish. However, the scientists at the Museum of New Zealand wouldn’t want to confirm if the specimen was a frogfish or not unless tests were performed on the creature. And this aquatic animals (fish, frog) individually must have some features in common for them to be able to co-exist; one of which is that both have the capabilities of surviving and living in the water. Half fish half frog (frogfish) by classification is a member of the antennariidae genus, which is pictured to have fins in both sides of its body that evolved to be leg-like. They are also found to have tiny spines that they use to camouflage themselves in an easy and fast way. The seabed happens to be where it is always found, the Museum of New Zealand has also discovered that the most dangerous part of this creature is their mouth, as the mouth can open underwater at a speed that is almost equal to that of a flying bullet, which means they have an extremely powerful bite.

To confirm the existence of these freaky creatures, some individuals have pictured these specimens, the likes of Miscellanea Curiosa(a medical journal) pictured it to have its head, body, tail, and fins similar to fish while the rest of the body parts, legs and haunches is similar to a frog. And also on the 27th of May 1891,a similar discovery wasreported.Afour-legged fish was caught with a hook by E.R. Jones at Kentucky, described to have the head and tail of a catfish and the legs of a frog. 11 years later at the seabed of Hawaiian Island a unique creature was captured, described to be a fish with a skin with a set of fins, four legs with the shape of a frog toe.


With all the findings and discoveries seen, we can’t dispute the fact that such a unique creature does exist (half fish half frog).Scientists, I believe will keep studying these theories and reports to confirm the existence of the half fish half frog and its origin.