Whole Beans Is A Perfect Meal For Instant Refreshment

Updated at 2022-01-26 16:43:39 UTC

I'm sure there's light roasts that are great as a ristretto and dark roast. that are great as an ore moly but those are just some general guidelines to pay attention to. so something I mentioned in the espresso basics class but didn't give you a visual for was our espresso extraction curve.

How To Make Whole Beans

Today we're going to be using this graphic a lot .so you can visually see what I'm tasting because unfortunately we can't taste these whole beans together .which is the best way to figure out what's going on in your coffee but the best way to interpret this chart here is starting in the lower left corner the beginning of that semicircle that is water hitting the coffee as soon as water hits coffee regardless of whether. it's espresso or ground for a pour over .it doesn't matter the brew method it starts this process of extracting things from the inside of the delicious coffee bean the water starting to dissolve parts of the coffee .because water is a solvent so when water hits the coffee .it starts out in that lower left corner and then it starts to dissolve some salts as it continues.

Best Way To Make Whole Beans

 It starts to dissolve acids and it goes a little bit longer. it starts to actually break down complex carbohydrates sugars and make them into simple sugars. which we can taste which is where you get like a sweet delicious shot of espresso and then if that water sits too long or takes too long to pass through the coffee or dissolves too much .it actually starts to dissolve solids and that's the plant fiber inside of the bean .so overall there is sort of a sweet spot on this extraction curve where we're trying to dissolve acid sugar but not go so far that we actually start to dissolve solids so at the top you'll notice there is under extraction proper extraction and over extraction and those are all things you can actually taste for ground coffee.so if you're tasting something under extracted it will be pretty acidic maybe like battery acid and may be kind of heavy and a salty soy sauce e and there's no sweetness at all so you know. you haven't extracted long enough either in volume of maybe you need to increase your ratio or in time maybe it passed through too quickly the water .so it couldn't dissolve all of the sweet stuff in the coffee so you might need to adjust your grind at that point proper extraction includes salt and acid but it has the addition of sugar creating something that has acidity .it has maybe body viscosity to it but also a sweetness that wasn't present before so proper extraction isn't all sugar it actually does have elements of acidity in salt as well creating a balance shot so it should have sort of all three notes. the acidity the body the sweetness hopefully in harmony .but definitely they're all present there is a good indicator that you're reaching proper extraction and under extraction is going to taste like broccoli stock kale paperback .it's gonna be thin and watery it's going to be kind of diluted it also has the quality .I call a hoot of a Houdini shot or one that you taste and then it immediately disappears from your mouth so it doesn't have a lingering aftertaste  .