Mugabe family being 'harassed and humiliated on a daily basis', says former aide

Updated at 2018-03-04 10:16:04 UTC

Johannesburg – Zimbabwe's former education minister has claimed in an interview with SABC that President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government is "harassing" former president Robert Mugabe's family "on a daily basis".


Mugabe, who was ousted from power in November, was last seen in public when he visited a Singapore hospital in December during a trip for a medical check-up. The soon to be 94-year-old ex-president was seen leaving a lift in Gleneagles Hospital in downtown Singapore, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, and accompanied by eight people.

Moyo said that the "military junta" under president Mnangagwa was targeting and abusing the nonagenarian's family.

"He [Mnangagwa] is actually doing the opposite. They are actually harassing the president’s family on a daily basis," Moyo said. The SABC said in a report that Moyo also warned that "a civil war is brewing in that country".

According to New Zimbabwe.com, the former Mugabe minister chided the African Union (AU) and the regional body SADC for backing an "illegitimate regime".

Moyo maintained that Mugabe was forced to step down by the southern African country's military in a "coup".

He said that the regional bodies should go on a fact finding mission before taking a decision of supporting Mnangagwa's "illegitimate" government.

"The African Union and SADC need to base their decision not on what the coup makers are saying but on what the people of Zimbabwe say and on what the victims of the coup say," Moyo was quoted as saying.

He claimed that they were already tensions between Mnangagwa and the military.

The claim at #AU by #EDamin that the so called transition was peaceful received zero applause. Evidence is emerging that the Junta staged a #BloodyCoup. Only the lie that Pres #Mugabe is "safe & secure" was applauded. It's a lie because the #family is being harassed & humiliated!