How to Repair iPhone 6 Screen at Home

Updated at 2020-12-10 06:21:42 UTC

If you are itching to substitute your own iPhone 6 due to the frustration you're feeling regarding the damages on your screen, well do not quit just yet. You will find incredibly easy remedies to get a cracked screen which may cost you little to no cash. But before trying to apply one of these substances to your smartphone screen, be certain you reevaluate the dangers and the advantages, and make sure you proceed with care.


For smaller marks or scrapes, gently rub a small quantity of toothpaste in your iPhone repair Melbourne with a soft cloth or cotton applicator. Afterward, wipe off your screen utilizing a sleek, moist cloth.

We have heard about the great things a baking soda may perform particularly as a family cleaning agent, but we seldom hear about how it may be used to remove scratches from the iPhone. Mix two parts baking soda to one part water till you've got a thick paste and lightly rub a small amount onto the broken part utilizing circular movement.


Sometimes, having good sandpaper or cerium oxide mixed with water may do just fine. If you are trying for this option, however, be certain you pick the least abrasive substance and perform it very lightly to prevent additional damages to your cellphone's screen.

Turtle wax is very powerful in repairing minor scrapes, but ensure that you don't use it on a telephone with an oleophobic coating like the iPhone 5. Additionally, before beginning with the process, be certain that you cover all vents to prevent fluid from becoming.

A fall of vegetable oil may be utilized as a temporary cure for very tiny scratches in order for your cellphone's screen will remain gorgeous. On the other hand, the effect wears off so you would want to reapply.

To begin, soak a microfiber fabric in a combination of egg and potassium aluminum sulfate then put in aluminum foil. Place your oven to 300 degrees and warm the fabric until it's dry. For 30 minutes, then rinse the fabric under running water and replicate thrice. Dry the fabric for 48 hours prior to using it on your cellphone's screen.

Change the Screen

In case your iPhone 6 screen becomes cracked and requires more than a bit of wiping, then it could be best to substitute the screen completely. Luckily, you can do it yourself by simply buying repair kits on the internet that frequently come together with each the instructions and tools that you require.

Evidently, there's a limit to what these products may perform to your iPhone's screen, but if these treatments do not work, you do not need to head out rushing to purchase an iPhone 7. If the damage extends past little cracks and scratches and is impacting how you're communicating with your apparatus, MMPR provides iPhone 6 screen repair in Melbourne at inexpensive rates.