Updated at 2021-04-01 10:10:21 UTC

Luxury Vinyl Tiles: The Right Choice For Your Kitchen Floors

Whether you are buying a new home or planning on renovating the old house the first thing people tend to fix is the flooring. While you begin to fix the floor one of the first areas that come into mind are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Although renovating the kitchen and bathroom floors are one of the most popular things to do, choosing the right flooring material plays a vital role for such places. The special range of luxury vinyl kitchen floor tiles in Pompano Beach can be regarded as one such option. Such tiles come in a variety of designs, intricate detailing as well as are extremely pocket friendly. Therefore they have a special position when it comes to kitchen and bathroom flooring.

However, as all good things come with some of the other rumors and negative publicity associated with them special LVTs for the kitchen and bathroom are no different. So if you are a believer in those myths then here is a brief guide on the benefits of LVTs for flooring. 

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Floor Tile | Why Tile®

Why using LVTs for kitchen and bathroom floors are a great idea?

  • Moisture proofing

One of the biggest concerns for kitchen or bathroom flooring is the ability for standing up to moisture. These are the areas in a house where the chances of leaking, spilling, splashing, or water stagnating are highest. Thus you need flooring for such types which can resist slipping and are moisture-proof. This is one of the main reasons why LVTs are preferred for kitchen and bathroom floorings.

  • An economical choice

Luxury vinyl tiles although are more expensive than regular tiles or laminate floors they are in fact way cheaper than hardwood, stone, or other types of flooring materials. Therefore for all those who are on a budget luxury vinyl tiles are a great option to renovate their kitchen and bathroom floors.

  • Easier to manage

The floor of the kitchen and bathroom gets wear-and-tear pretty frequently and thus the bathroom floor tiles in Pompano Beach require maintenance on a very regular basis. Luxury vinyl tiles are very low on maintenance and thus such heavy-duty flooring materials are the right choice for bathroom floors.

  • Nonporous and also has antimicrobial activity

Again when it comes to the flooring of places with lots of splashing and pooling you need a material that is mostly nonporous and also has antimicrobial properties. LVTs are mostly non-porous in nature and some of the best quality LVTs come with antimicrobial properties as well.

Choose LVTs for your kitchen and bathroom floors

With all these properties and spill-proof nature in mind, choose LVTs from the leading sellers of Pompano Beach and redefine your kitchen and bathroom floors.