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What TPE Gloves are made from?

TPE gloves are made from thermoplastic elastomers, polymers that will be molded quite once when heated. Thermoplastic elastomers even have an equivalent elasticity as rubber.

Industrial fabricators classify thermoplastic elastomers as “specialty” plastic resins for two reasons. Firstly, they are produced at lower volumes than “commodity” resins like polyethylene and at higher costs also. Secondly, they are used for more specialized applications than “commodity” resins.

Besides TPE gloves, products including adhesives and footwear are manufactured using thermoplastic elastomers.

How does one Choose Thermoplastic Elastomer Disposable TPE Gloves?

Those counting on gloves must often wear them for an extended period. Poor quality-gloves might be damaging to the skin or break easily, risking your own contamination and possibly harming those around you thru direct skin contact. The various industries that rely heavily on this personal protective equipment have to ensure they are using the simplest bulk gloves available.

A lot of harm is often done if your disposable gloves are not up to plain to assist you perform your daily duties. This is often why you want to make sure you are using the right materials to stay yourself et al. safe. Meaning considering what your job force entails, the harmful contaminants that you simply face, and therefore the density, fabric, coloring, and other tailored features that you simply need in your workplace disposable glove supply.

Review the following glove types and the way they will fit your field. Remember to not accept whatever works for everybody. Search for options, which will be selected consistent with whatever your industry work entails.

When to Use TPE Gloves

TPE gloves are another excellent alternative for vinyl gloves since they are less costly. They are also an honest alternative for poly gloves.

TPE gloves can easily deal with various occasions, like beauty salons, household chores, catering, food, electronics, factories and star hotels, etc. In addition, it is relatively cheap and may be utilized in large quantities.

TPE Glove Characteristics

TPE gloves, like CPE gloves, are known for his or her durability. They weigh less in grams than CPE gloves and are flexible and resilient products.

1. Thermoplastic elastomers glove particles are an environmentally friendly material. Polyethene glove particles not only have excellent elasticity and cushioning properties but also are comfortable to wear and may leave ventilation holes.

2. Gloves will harden and become brittle at low temperatures and have excellent coldness resistance.

3. Anti-slip and abrasion resistance are excellent, can prevent puncture and tear.

4. Thermoplastic elastomers glove particles are environmentally friendly and have not any peculiar smell. They are doing not contain harmful substances like heavy metals and cannot cause allergies in touch with the skin.


The Thermoplastic Elastomer Glove may be a cost-saving product in comparison to traditional vinyl food gloves. They maintain more durable strength than poly gloves and offer affordability in comparison to vinyl gloves. TPE material has superior physical properties, soft touch & high elasticity.

• Excellent oil resistance, weather resistance & aging resistance

• For hygienic use in market segments including Food processing, Manufacturing, Retail, Grocery, etc.

• Latex Free

• Embossed

• Ambidextrous

TPE Gloves


• Better Fit than Poly Gloves

• Savings over Vinyl Gloves

• Smooth & Soft Grip

• Disposable & Durable

• California Proposition 76 Compliant

• 2-Gram Weight

• Clear or Blue