Updated at 2021-05-13 08:20:45 UTC

A Guide to Jewelry Insurance Provided By Exquisite Jewelers Doral

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Jewelry is precious items that cost a fortune and only a few things can compare to the misery and stress one goes through when losing or damaging a precious piece that has cost a fortune, either by accident or theft.

Occurrence of accidents happens quite often, for instance, rings, are worn on the very active part of your body - your hands - and come into a lot of physical contact resulting in wearing and damage. Accidental bumps and bashes on your jewelry can cause harm. Hence, it is best to have peace of mind while wearing and enjoying your jewelry. 

One such way to do so is to get jewelry insurance from the exclusive jewelers in Doral you purchase your items. Like all insurances, jewelry insurance is important for its value. Jewelry can act as your savior in hours of need and financial insecurity hence being meticulous from the start is beneficial.

Jewelry insurance reimburses you for the loss of your jewelry if it is stolen, lost, or destroyed. A wedding/engagement ring, watch, diamond earrings, bracelet, and necklace may all be insured.

Here are a few reasons why you should get insurance for every next piece of jewelry you purchase.

  • Keep valuables like family heirlooms and engagement rings secure.
  • Reduces the cost of replacing jewelry if it is lost or damaged.
  • Offer you reassurance and peace of mind.
  • Allows you to wear your jewelry with confidence.
  • The real value of jewelry is protected.

When you agree on insuring your jewelry, the first thing you should keep in mind is to get an appraisal/valuation from your exclusive jewelers in Doral, which will be driven by your policy. A competent appraiser performs a jewelry appraisal and provides a written document explaining the unique characteristics of your jewelry as well as the value of the item.  It ensures that, in the event of any loss or injury, your jewelry is replaced as closely as possible. In addition, valuation aids you in selecting the appropriate level of coverage for your item or set. Jewelry is insured for its full value if it has a current and correct valuation.