Updated at 2020-02-26 05:05:06 UTC

Massagers Buying Guide: All you need to know

There are different kinds of massagers. Each is unique to a certain body part when it comes to function, although some can function in many body parts. Its best you choose a massager that attends to a unique need unless they said need has to do with massagers that are built for multiple roles - like a seat massager, mat massager or full back massager. These massagers can take care of pains in the back, neck, hips, shoulders and more. 

That been said, as a buyer, there are certain factors you should consider before buying a massaging device. Let's look at these factors in the subheadings below.


You need to specify your major purpose of getting a massaging device. Do you feel stiffness in your fingers? You need a hand massager that pays special attention to the fingers not just any hand massager. If you need to relax your nerves completely and take a deep nap afterwards for increased productivity, then you need a seat massager or a mat massager. Massaging or massagers is hardly a one-size-fits-all process. 

Lightweight and Portability 

Some of these hand-held devices are portable, you can bag them and travel but some are weighty. If you are comfortable with the weights, you are good to go. However, if you like your bag light, you need to look out for the lightweight portable hand massagers. 


Most of these devices are powered by electricity, so come with cords. Some are powered by batteries, all they need is a full charge and you can use them on transit where you are not certain of a power source. For travelers who need a back and neck massage on their journeys, a battery powered hand-held massager is a good option. Just charge till it's full, bag it and travel. These devices are always cordless and portable. You get to avoid the inconvenience of curling wires and travel light. If you however are always indoors, this option is not necessary, look for the corded ones to use at home which might offer a better performance. 


In the end, any choice you make is anchored on a price. So you look out for the prices. There are some that are affordable and yet powerful. They are quite hard to find but it's possible to get them. If you scout for a great massager to suit your needs and you finally settle for one that resonates with you in function, portability and any other specific choice you have, the price might be discouraging if it's too high. But then you will have to agree on a compromise with yourself. Settle for a lesser price with fair performance and keep the highly priced one in your next budget.