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The Best Massage in the World

There is nothing better than getting a massage. You enter with tense muscles, a sore back, and stressing the Wazoo, but when you come out of it, the very competent hands of the therapist administering the massage dissipate all your problems. Imagine if you can offer the same sentiment to the people you love, like your spouse or his girlfriend. The rewards may not be monetary rewards, but you can definitely see it in the way she looks at you and the benefits you will get as a result.

In order to provide the best possible massage, you need to start with the proper settings. For an intimate therapy session to be successful, the place must have the right conditions. To set the mood, make sure the lights are dimmed. If the room you plan to use doesn't have a dimmer, you can turn off the lights and light a few candles. Make sure your neighborhood is quiet too, as you need that silence to avoid distractions. Massage in Muraqqabat

In addition to the place, you should also provide accessories that will make the massage itself pleasant. The first thing you will need is aromatic oils. You can buy specialized oils that have aromatherapy benefits. If you don't have access to massage oils, you can also use various lotions. If you still don't like it, consider using vegetable oil, as it is just the right viscosity to help your hand glide down your body.

In addition to massage oils, you also need a way to cover the areas that you have finished massaging. After rubbing, heat is usually generated. This heat can heal the muscles, but it can also easily dissipate if exposed. A simple towel should be sufficient to effectively cover sore muscles.

Now that we've covered all the prep, it's time to move on to the massage itself. Before you begin, place it face down on a soft but firm surface. A firm mattress or futon should be a great option. Mount it with its weight in mind. Start with smooth, slow movements using the palm of your hand. This will get him used to your touch. Once he gets used to your touch, you can begin to focus on larger muscle groups. Begin at the back with gentle kneading. In a soft, soothing voice, speak to him to make sure your pressure is neither too much nor too light.

To conclude your massage, wipe off the excess oil. This means that the session has ended. Make sure to spend time with your partner and talk about the whole experience. Also, make sure there is something to drink, such as tea or juice, as people often feel thirsty after a good massage.

Body Massage: Stretching

Stretching is a fantastic way to warm up before getting a massage. Plus, it feels good after a stretch. The benefit of stretching is that you become more flexible and able to move your arms and legs more freely. Besides, you can also look younger. Stretching is best incorporated into a body massage.

There are 3 general guidelines that you should follow during the stretching process.

Make it easy for your partner

Take it slow and don't rush the process

Kidnap your partner

You must understand that human joints have limits in their ability to stretch and in what directions. You will discover that this is called the range of motion. If you stretch a person beyond their range of motion, you can seriously injure them.

Always ask your partner what he thinks about it. You have to understand that not everyone is flexible. Some people are tighter and can only stretch too far. Others can go very far.

Stretching your neck is always dangerous. When you stretch it, do it only in one direction at a time. For example, move it to the left and return the neck to its original position before moving on to the next, to the right. Never try to extend your neck beyond its normal reach. Instead, you could end up inadvertently killing someone.

There are 3 types of stretches you can do.


Your partner shouldn't move at all. You are the only one doing the stretching work.

Active and assisted

This time your partner is doing the stretch on their own, but with you to help them through the process. You can stretch your muscles more this way. Spa in International City

Active and weathered

The same happens with the previous section. But instead of helping the stretch, your partner should resist the stretch and stop after a while. After your stop, perform the stretch. It will be easier for you to stretch later.