Updated at 2021-05-25 11:57:41 UTC

Tips to access higher profits and sales by personal product recommendation

eCommerce stores are becoming one of the most essential elements of a business model. And with its rising popularity, every other merchant is in the race of establishing an eCommerce store for their business. But only listing products and enabling online purchase is merely not enough for merchants to achieve higher profits and sales. And to stay ahead of the curb it is crucial for merchants to adapt to unique features and personalize their user’s navigation experience. As only through the wise use of technology merchants can establish a unique brand image and create a deep impact on their user’s psyche.

However, as there are a number of amazing features available for the merchants to create a unique and out-of-the-box navigation experience for their visitors, making the right choice regarding the features is extremely crucial for them. For this, it is important for merchants to create an in-depth understanding of their user’s requirements, overall business and hire a suitable eCommerce web development company for their business. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into how a merchant’s personalized product recommendation can aid them in achieving better sales. But before we dive into the benefits, let us first understand the basics of product recommendations.

What is a personalized product recommendation?

Personal product recommendation basically comes as a third-party extension or app for eCommerce platforms. These tools are usually powered by AI technology and provide product suggestions to the users according to their choices and personal purchase habits. With the help of personalized product recommendations, it becomes easier for merchants to showcase relevant products to their target audience. And by doing so they can also increase the chances of achieving higher profits and sales.  

Ways to use personalized product recommendation to achieve higher profits and sales

From the discussion above, we can easily come to the conclusion that with the help of product recommendations merchants can easily improve their user’s navigation experience. Further, this improved navigation experience with the visibility of relevant products just a click away also aids merchants in improving their brand image and in making their brand look friendly and trustworthy in front of their target audience. However, to make the best out of product recommendations implementing them properly is a must for merchants. Below is a detailed list of ways through which merchants can make the best out of their personalized product recommendation features:

Homepage recommendation features

Homepage landings are the golden opportunity for merchants to bag buyers for their products and services. And with the right recommendation, this becomes even easier for merchants. So for homepage product recommendations to work in favor of an online business, it is crucial for merchants to showcase their popular products relevant to the user’s buying habits. 

Categories recommendation features

When a buyer is browsing your site, more than often they might fail to find hidden gems from your website. To highlight such amazing and relevant products related to the same product category merchants can use the category recommendation features to recommend products in the product pages during navigation.

Shopping cart product recommendations

Shopping carts are one of the best places to motivate buyers in adding more products from their business. A last-minute relevant product recommendation can easily aid merchants in pitching their products and achieving higher profits and sales.