Executive Summary


A New Way

Global Gathering is a revolutionary website that connects news, publishing, and social network capabilities onto one platform. No other platform does this. This site was created in response to what we saw as people’s need to establish community, and to have, within that community, the ability to share and publish their views in an unlimited way, all under the umbrella of one of the biggest drivers on the Internet. The news.

Test Run

We did a test run of our site from Nov. 2017 to Jan. 2018. We launched internationally, but the focus was on the news in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe was being ousted from his presidency. During this test, we saw a huge increase in traffic over an 8-week period. When we took the site offline, Global Gathering ranked # 15 in Zimbabwe, ahead of Twitter, which ranked # 16. Results show that visitors spent more time interacting on our platform than on other news or social networking sites (see Fig. 1). More than 90% of the visitors were participating in the social media component of our site. Based on this, we believe that our platform has the potential to become one the largest publishing social network in the world.

News and Publishing

When people first log onto our site, they will be taken to our main news page. We are accessing our news from such world-class news agencies as The Associated Press and Reuters. What will be different from most other news sites is that there will be no limit put on the extent and length of the comments that people can add to news articles (and any other articles featured on the site). On our platform, people can write an entire article as their “comment”. And they can share their posts on our site and on other platforms. During our short test, we saw that some people’s posts were shared over 100K times (see Fig. 2).

When people post under a news article on the main page, the post is automatically recreated under the user’s own page and in the blogging section of the site. Here, people are able to use the editing tools that we have provided to create and design their own blogs and articles. If users want to create web pages in HTML, they can copy and paste an article of their choice into our editing tool, and they will immediately get the codes used in that article. We believe this feature will appeal to many of our users who are looking to produce professional-quality posts.

Filters and Quality

We have created finely tuned and highly developed filters that are capable of recognizing different levels of quality in writing. We have also developed filters that are able to check facts automatically. All of these editorial functions are carried out in a matter of seconds, enabling comments, blogs, and articles to be posted almost immediately. All content will go through these filters, with only a fraction subject to human checking. The advantage of this is the speed and quality with which articles are published. And the additional advantage to us is there is less cost to manage this aspect of the business.

Personal Data

People are not required to give any personal data to access our platform. We do not gather people’s data. We do not sell people’s data. We see this as one of the most distinctive and compelling features of our site. We do not need to gather personal data, since we are moving away from the targeted-ad model of doing business.

Generating and Sharing Revenue

Search engines and social networking sites use people’s data to create targeted advertising. They do not pay for the use of the content - often news - to which these ads are attached. The only revenue that news organizations see is the money that is generated from the advertising on their sites. As a result, the value of what the news organizations are delivering is severely diminished.

One of the ways in which social network sites make money is by having people pay to have their posts shared so that they can reach a larger audience. This is one of the ways that we will generate revenue. The difference is that we will partner with news organizations so that they can become the beneficiaries of some of the income that is generated from such content-boosting mechanisms.

Once the popularity of our site has been established, news organizations will realize more earnings from boosting our users’ content than they are currently seeing from advertising revenue. When this happens, news organizations can make a choice to switch to our model and this will affect how ad networks are able to operate, and it will decrease the power that prominent social networks and new organizations have over news organizations.

Organizational Structure and Its Features

Below is an initial overview of the platform. More specific details to be provided at a later date.

The Bay Area will be the Corporate Headquarters of Global Gathering. The company’s structure will support the functions of this news/publishing/social network platform with a focus on technological research and development.
The following are the main corporate teams, with an executive to head each team:

• Chief Executive
• Finance/Investor Relations
• Human Resources
• Operations
• Privacy/Security
• Business & Marketing
• Product Management
• Information
• Technology
• Accounting
• Legal
• Global Public Policy

Global Vision and Geographic Regions

Regional divisions are another major feature of the platform’s corporate structure. These divisions will allow us to address the various differences, needs, and capabilities of these regions, including their social networking practices.

The main regional divisions we are planning are as follows:

• North America
• Europe, Middle East & Africa
• Asia & South Pacific
• Latin America

Each region will be managed and operated by regional teams. It is necessary to ensure that the business addresses the sociocultural and political variations among countries and regions.

We also plan to open headquarters in Dublin and Berlin: Dublin for the operational benefits; Berlin to raise the profile of our company within the EU.

Products and Services

• The platform structures are developed in Ruby on Rails.
• News platform with a live interactive background.
• Social Network
• Open-Source blogging platform.
• Interactive comments system.

Increasing Our Global Reach

We believe our platform will reach more than 25 million visitors each month by the end of 2019. These projections are based on the number of visitors and users on our site during our test in 2017/18. During this 8-week period, and focusing only on one country, we had 1.2 million visitors (see Fig. 3).

Financial Planning

Financial history, projected cash flow, balance sheet and important ratios, funding requirements and other supporting information (see Fig. 4).

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Enterprise Resource Planung (ERP) 01-01-2019 — 12-31-2019, Contributed capital: $3,170,000.00 *

* No other capital procurement measures are taken into account in this profitability analysis.
Based on the Perspective of Profitability: ($3,170,000.00 Capital Procurement)
The platform will generate an average of < 25 million monthly unique visitors per month by the end of 2019.
(The unique visitors will be counted over a period of one month)

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